Hospice of Southern Maine in Scarborough. Maxen Ryder

The Thresholds Conference will be held by the Hospice of Southern Maine on Tuesday, May 23 from 9 a.m to 2 p.m. at the University of Southern Maine’s Hannaford Hall in Portland. The hospice will welcome author and podcast host Nora McInerny and end-of-life counselor Dr. Martha Jo Atkins as keynote speakers. The conference will also be available virtually.

“The Thresholds Conference is an annual conference held by the Hospice of Southern Maine about various end of life issues,” said Daryl Cady, Hospice of Southern Maine CEO. “It’s open to anyone in the community. It brings together families, friends, healthcare professionals, caregivers, faith leaders, and others in meaningful conversations about end of life care.”

This year’s topic is “Dying Matters: Conversations about end of life and the emotional honesty that follows.”

“The conference has been around for quite some time,” Cady said. “This is the 12th year that Hospice of Southern Maine has held Thresholds. Before the pandemic it was held in person. Then, due to the pandemic we had to cancel it for one year. And then in 2021 we began offering it in a virtual format which allowed us to reach audiences beyond Maine which was very interesting. And this year we are so pleased to be back in person while maintaining the virtual component.”

Dr. Mary Becker, the hospice’s associate medical director and hospice physician, will also speak at the event. The conference will be moderated by host of the Heart of Hospice podcast, Helen Bauer.

McInerny is a writer with work on subjects surrounding death, loss, trauma, mental health, and moving forward with grief with love and resilience. In 2014, McInerny lost her husband, her father, and miscarried her second baby within six weeks. She draws upon her own loss in her work and her words.

Dr. Martha Jo Atkins is a doctoral-level end-of-life licensed professional counselor and counselor supervisor, speaker, coach, and author. She has worked with grieving families and children and people at end of life for nearly 30 years.

“Both Nora and Martha Jo are incredible resources when it comes to end of life and specifically having the conversations that come along with death and dying,” said Cady. “And we are excited to have the opportunity to have them speak with our audience here in Maine and of course those attending virtually.”

Tickets for the event are available for both in-person and virtual for $35. For more information and register, visit thresholdshsm.org.

Nora McInerny Courtesy of Hospice of Southern Maine

Dr. Martha Jo Atkins Courtesy of Hospice of Southern Maine

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