Courtesy of Mahoney Middle School

Mahoney Middle School is holding a closing ceremony on Thursday, June 1 from 6 to 8 p.m. The school is located at 240 Ocean St., South Portland.

“This is Mahoney’s 99th year as being a school,” said Principal Carrie Stilphen. “It did start out as the South Portland High School, and then it transitioned to being a junior high, and then became what is now the Mahoney Middle School. I’ve been here 28 years and principal for the last 12 years at Mahoney, and this year our enrollment is about 425 students.”

A consolidated middle school will open in the fall that will serve all fifth- through eighth-grade students in the city. Mahoney Middle School and Memorial Middle School are both closing after this academic year. Memorial Middle School is to be destructed. Mahoney’s building will go to the city, who have no plans for it yet.

“I hear so many of my families speak to how beautiful the building is, and how much they love seeing it here and hope … many hope that it keeps its integrity as a building,” Stilphen said. “But it will go back to the city. The city really will be the ones who make the decision as to what the future holds for Mahoney.”

Mahoney teachers, alumni, and community members are invited to join June 1 event. Guest speakers, music, and reunions will be present. Walking tours will begin at 6:30 p.m.

“Weather permitting, we’re first of all going to gather out on the field. We’ll have some music playing,” said Stilphen. “Then at 6:15, we’ll have some people make some remarks, those that have been a part of the Mahoney school community. Then at 6:30, our doors will open and allow for people to just come in and check out, you know, maybe some old classrooms they recall being in, check out the gym which is always a little bit famous due to its indoor upper track that many will remember running some warm ups up there. There will be a long timeline for people to write their name up, so everyone can see who has been a part of the ceremony that night, who’s visited the school, with yearbooks down below for people to look through and just sort of go down memory lane.

“Our hope is for people to come and gather, celebrate all the good that Mahoney has given to students through the many years, and also to give people a chance to reconnect with either old classmates, former teachers, former friends.”

Mahoney Middle School Courtesy of Mahoney Middle School

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