The warm weather is here, and the city’s bikes are back! Residents and visitors of Portland are encouraged to celebrate World Bicycle Day on June 3 by pedaling through Portland on one of the 135 bikes housed at 35 stations across the city.

Launched in August of 2022, the bike share partnership with Tandem Mobility and the city of Portland was a rounding success in its inaugural year. Local health plan Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and its parent company, Point32Health, was one of the founding sponsors of the program, and a portion of the city’s fleet of bikes features the Harvard Pilgrim Pedals brand on the bike baskets and fenders.

“We are excited to help bring the bike share program back to Portland for another year,” said Bill Whitmore, VP of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care in Maine. “This initiative supports healthy, sustainable habits for our community and encourages people to navigate and explore our city in a fun way.”

Ride your way to better health

Not only is bike riding a convenient way to get around, the health benefits of biking are also numerous:

Physical. Great for cardiovascular health, bike riding strengthens your heart muscle, lowers your resting pulse and reduces blood fat levels. It can also reduce the risk of some cancers and health issues. Cycling is a great way to build muscle, maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your core and even improve your posture. Plus cycling is a low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints. If you have arthritis or back pain, riding a bike may be a good option for you, though it’s always best to consult with your doctor first.

Mental. Exercise in general, which releases endorphins, can be beneficial to those with depression, anxiety or stress. For outdoor cyclists, breathing in the fresh air as you pedal down a tree-lined bike path can feel almost meditative. As can indoor cycling be, for those who may choose to participate in a spin class that blasts a fast-paced playlist.

Environmental. Not only are you avoiding the headache that car traffic can bring, but bicycles are better for the environment compared to cars. They don’t require gas, which means you won’t be releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere—good for the planet and for your own lungs. You’ll help to cut back on the chemicals used by a car, like antifreeze and other liquids. By replacing just a few car trips with bike rides, your neighborhood will also be quieter, helping to reduce noise pollution.

Whether you’re looking to add some movement to your day or make some steps toward sustainable changes, consider going outside for a bike ride this upcoming weekend. And for those in the Portland area, you can rent one of the Harvard Pilgrim Pedals bikes by downloading the app, Movatic.


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