I am writing to publicly add my support to Anneke Hohl’s campaign for the SAD 51 School Board. She and I first met in 2017 when we began volunteering together on the fundraising committee of the Greely PTO board. During our time serving together on the board, I have always admired her strong work ethic, integrity and ability to think outside the scope of a project or task. Her unwavering commitment to the PTO board, which serves to support and enrich the school community, in addition to her countless hours spent volunteering in the classroom and coaching sports teams, shows that her passion is to truly help make SAD 51 work for all children. This makes her a natural choice for a seat on the School Board. Hohl is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate, qualities that will serve in the best interest of our growing school district in the coming years.

Jenny Burnell

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