Boat-launch sticker shock

To the editor,

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I am a full-time Maine resident. I am a retired, senior citizen living in Biddeford. I have a small boat and I look forward to doing a bit of mackerel fishing in the summer months. The last few years I have always purchased a non-resident sticker to use the boat launch at Pine Point in Scarborough.

I recently went to the town hall in Scarborough to purchase a sticker for this year. I was told by the clerk that “it went up.” I asked how much and was floored to hear that the town wanted $250 for this summer. There is no senior discount nor do they draw a distinction between those that are using the facility for commercial purposes, guides taking out for-hire passengers, collecting revenue for a commercial venture and writing off the $250 vs. recreational fishermen.

The $250 fee is a deal breaker for many Mainers. Last year the fee was $125. A 100 percent increase is a rip-off, plain and simple.

Roderick O’Connor



Just put it on taxpayers’ tab

To the editor,

When it comes to the marijuana circus in Old Orchard Beach, I think Question 1 should pass by an overwhelming margin if for no other reason than to let town councilors know they can’t get away manipulating the process. Every official action should be 100 percent above board and they need to get the message: Things need to change.

How many billable hours did town attorneys rack up trying to keep us from voting? I bet it was in the tens of thousands. That’s OK, just put it on the taxpayers’ tab, right? Ridiculous.

Cheryl Johnston

Old Orchard Beach

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