Are you missing money? If you check the state of Maine unclaimed property list, you may find out that you are.

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Every year, Maine releases an updated list of dormant bank balances, missing checks, stock dividends, inheritances and other assets that have gone unclaimed. All of this adds up to hundreds of millions of dollars that are held by the state until the rightful owners come forward.

The treasurer’s office is currently holding more than $300 million of unclaimed property after adding over $13.3 million this year alone. It is possible that some of that money belongs to you, your business or a family member.

There are two ways to look up yourself, your family or your business and make a claim, both of which are free. The most effective way is to search online at: If you are having trouble or don’t have access to a computer or to the internet, you can call the treasurer’s office unclaimed property hotline at 624-7470 during normal business hours.

Additionally, please be very careful of scams. Scammers have in the past pretended to be speaking for the treasurer’s office in an attempt to commit identity theft. While there are some legitimate businesses that help match you with missing property, be careful of people who try to contact you.

The safest thing is just to contact the treasurer’s office yourself using the methods above. If you suspect a scam, get in touch with the attorney general’s consumer protection division at 1-800-436-2131 or

I want to see Mainers’ hard-earned money returned, so please take a moment to see if you, a family member or your business are on the list. If you have any trouble navigating this process, please feel welcome to reach out to me for assistance.

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