I want to thank the residents for trusting me to serve on the Yarmouth School Committee. While the last three years were not the easiest (a mild understatement), it has been a genuine privilege to serve. I am especially grateful to have served with a total of eight members of this community who, despite real differences of opinion, were united in a shared commitment to our schools.

In such challenging, uncertain and polarizing times, it was a rare gift to work with people who were willing to set aside their initial positions and be capable of listening – really listening. People who made the effort to hear what was said and be willing to adjust their thinking, adapt their proposals or even change their minds and positions. I think being able and willing to listen was why we were able to accomplish so many great things over the last three years – including public pre-K, expanding world languages and STEM to Yarmouth Elementary School and Rowe, and bringing the number of administrators and guidance counselors in the district up to par with our peer schools and our enrollment.

Although I am not seeking reelection, I am truly proud to have served alongside my fellow committee members (current and former): Chairperson Kate Shub, Vice Chairperson Jes Garrou, past Chairperson Anne Fleming, Newell Augur, Laura Coroi, Jeremy Fischer, David Ray and Michael Wilbur.

I also want to ask my fellow community members to go out and vote on June 13, and to vote in favor of the 2023-24 school budget and to vote for the candidates for the school committee that you believe will also be able to listen and be capable of putting aside their agendas in service of our students, our teachers, our families and our schools.

Allison Hodgkins