Paul Whitmarsh is clearly the most qualified candidate for a seat on the North Yarmouth Select Board. He is an effective and involved chairperson on the planning board.

We have financial challenges in our community and he has experience in managing multimillion dollar budgets. He supports a town budget that looks ahead 10 years to try and stabilize our annual tax rate and let residents plan their expenses more effectively.

Whitmarsh is a retired Navy commander, an airline pilot today, assistant Scoutmaster and an active community volunteer. He is thoughtful and conducts independent research. For example, he knows we must protect our drinking water and address the PFAS found in our public water supply. He knows we need safe sidewalks in Walnut Hill Village and land use regulations that protect our rural community.

North Yarmouth needs Whitmarsh’s practical experience on the Select Board.

Lincoln J. Merrill Jr.
North Yarmouth