I read Nancy Chesley’s May 26 anti-immigration letter. I hope she wrote it herself. Poor soul, caught in sophistry and grievance instead of the beauty of generosity. I revel in living in a country rich enough to help others. I would invite her for coffee but I bet she wouldn’t come because I am the daughter of immigrants. I also wonder if her fear of these current immigrants is because they are Black. Some of them are from the old Belgian Congo, others from unfamiliar regions of Africa. I still call it Belgian Congo so we won’t forget that it was once owned by the King of Belgium and atrocities were everyday events.

This generation fears Africans coming to America. Two generations ago it was post-war “DPs,” or displaced persons. Before that it was non-Protestant Southern and Eastern Europeans. In the 19th century, it was Catholic Irish. Japanese Americans were put in camps in WWII. Fear of Jews and now Muslims and Hispanic peoples is ongoing. Yet, as the practical and effective Town Councilor David Watson says, “Here they are.” I say, “Welcome! Welcome to you all!” Don’t litter, be careful crossing the street, and pay your taxes.

Faith K. Moll