I am writing regarding a bill presently being considered in the Maine Legislature, L.D. 1619, An Act to Improve Maine’s Reproductive Privacy Laws.

Any person has the right to determine what happens to their own body, as long as the individual making that decision is the only one affected by it.

Abortion became legal until it could be determined when life began. Since the fact that life begins at conception has been biologically confirmed, it has become necessary to change the reasoning to “when does a fetus become worthy of life?” I submit that this bill answers the question with “never,” for no more reason than parental inconvenience.

I ask people to consider how such a position places our nation on a dangerous road. If sanctity of life is no longer the standard, what group will be the next to be deemed unworthy of life? Do we deem ourselves God to be worthy to make such decisions? Do we, as a people, really want to put our state and our nation further along the road to a culture of death?

Bonnie Zanicchi

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