Another school year begins and the citizens of Cumberland continue to face the unknown financial commitment that a new K-2 school will bring to our household budgets. A delay in the 2023 Cumberland property revaluation further heightens the unknown financial impact for which this 70% tax burden will be based. Most recently the Cumberland Town Council promoted two housing projects that will impact our SAD, municipal resources and tax rate. One project of 72 houses is proposed for West Cumberland. The second is a result of the rental housing supply and demand analysis done for the town in May. This proposed project could be as large as 110 public housing units on town property on Drowne Road creating a new tax burden forever. At the Aug. 14 Town Council meeting, 17-year council veteran Councilor Shirley Storey-King expressed concern that there seems to be intent to push a project forward even though the council has not discussed the report, which they received over two months ago, despite her several requests for such a discussion to be held.

Councilor Storey-King objects to an RFP until the council determines what to do with the information in the report, which she feels does not support such development at this time. Although no workshop was proposed as a result of her requests, a vote of 4-3 has slated a request for an RFP to be prepared for a proposed public housing project on the upcoming Aug. 28 Town Council agenda.

Regardless of your financial ability to take on more tax debt, I am asking Cumberland citizens to become informed and engaged before it is too late. We need fiscal restraint and consideration from our town leadership during these unknown financial times.

Teri Maloney-Kelly

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