A recent letter about Pine Tree Power said it made environmental sense (“Letter to the editor: Pine Tree Power makes environmental sense to me,” Aug. 21). I hope Mainers realize it makes financial sense.

Many Mainers do not know that several areas of Maine currently have public power and are paying less for it than those supplied by Central Maine Power and Versant. CMP and Versant also ranked last in the J.D. Power residential consumer satisfaction survey last year.

Pine Tree Power will be a nonprofit with a public board. Over the next two decades, as America electrifies almost everything, our electric grid will need to expand in size. To support this, investor-owned CMP and Versant will have to borrow money on the commercial market. Pine Tree Power, because of its structure, could borrow at a lower rate, with estimated savings in the billions.

Remember that Pine Tree Power is a local idea without deep pockets. CMP and Versant have millions to spend on advertising so that they do not lose this profitable market.

Nancy Hasenfus

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