In response to the Oregon lobbying organization letter opposing Maine joining the National Popular Vote (“Letter to the editor: Popular vote all wrong for Maine, America,” Sept. 4), note that Oregon joined the National Popular Vote in 2019.

National Popular Vote ensures that every vote in every state in every presidential election is equal. No longer will 10,000 votes in one state or 20,000 votes in another state determine who wins the presidency. More than 500,000 elected officials must win the most votes to win office. So, too, should the president. No longer will candidates ignore approximately 36 states – including Maine – because they are considered solidly red or blue. Candidates will try to win every possible vote in every state.

States joining agree to assign their electoral votes to the candidate winning the most votes nationally. National Popular Vote goes into effect when states representing 270 electoral votes sign on. National Popular Vote works within the Electoral College and the Constitution.

It would replace Maine’s “district” method; in 2020, that method resulted in making 167,076 Democratic votes cast in the 2nd Congressional District irrelevant because the Republican won the most votes in the district. In the 1st Congressional District, more than 150,000 votes cast for the Republican were irrelevant, because the Democrat won. We’re not voting for the president of the 1st District or the president of Maine, people!

Every vote cast in Maine should count toward the election of our one national office.

Tell your state legislators to support the National Popular Vote proposal, L.D. 1578.

Lori Calderone

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