I have had the opportunity to work in a retail establishment on Commercial Street for over a year. I found the visitors to our city pleasant, excited to be here and eager to learn about our area.

In response to the article regarding helping the visitors, the residents and Portland businesses get along (“Plan takes on Old Port congestion as cruise ship arrivals ramp up,” Sept. 13), I’d like to say: Let’s make a few improvements to accommodate the visitors.

First, put in well-maintained public restrooms. Second, clean the streets and sidewalks weekly; they are filthy. Third, add more walking/bike-riding police officers. It makes everyone feel safe, and they may curb the poor driving habits of the very few joy-riders who spoil it for all.

Portland needs to spruce up its looks or lose the “must-visit” reputation it has worked so hard to get.

Marcella Bobinsky

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