Many of us ask what we can do to help regarding the situation in Ukraine. We’d like to share a very beneficial experience we’re having.

We are volunteer English language tutors for a great organization called ENGin (English International). We work virtually with people in Ukraine who are looking to improve their English language skills. Ukrainians realize that, once the war ends, they will need English to facilitate connections with people who will be involved in helping them rebuild their country.

ENGin needs more tutors, and anyone with an hour or two a week to give can join us in making a difference for someone looking to advance their English skills.

Here’s how it works: Via their website (, fill out an application. After a virtual interview, you will be matched with a Ukrainian who’s looking to improve their English language skills. Formal teaching experience is not required.

The ask is for a commitment of one hour per week to meet with your student via Skype or some other virtual meeting software. You can use the many resources and tools ENGin offers for tutors, or follow your student’s lead and just let them talk. We’ve found that our students’ wishes and desires to take part in this program vary, some are looking to further their careers. Others are seeking to share their experience and to develop relationships like the ones we are building. Our sessions are about so much more than language improvement – they are about human connection.

We heartily recommend this opportunity for anyone looking to do what they can for the people of Ukraine, many of whom are living in an active war zone.

Cheri Musgrave and Sarah Campbell

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