My partner and I went to Mackworth Island one morning, looking forward to a peaceful walk along the water. We were enjoying that peaceful walk when, suddenly, a large black dog, running from the other direction, charged toward us, baring its teeth and barking ferociously. The dog’s owner called out, “Are you afraid of dogs?” as she and her companion, who also had a large, unleashed dog by her side, walked toward us. Although it was difficult to hear over the noisy barking, I think the owner of the big black dog was saying something like “Don’t worry. He won’t hurt you.” Regardless of what she was saying, we felt terrified and not at all reassured.

Eventually, the owner corralled her barking dog and put a leash on him. She had no response when I reminded her that all dogs were to be leashed on Mackworth Island. As she walked away, she said she was sorry.

My reason for writing this letter to the editor is to remind people to leash their dogs when they walk with them on Mackworth Island. You may think your dog is friendly and safe, but that is irrelevant. Unleashed, they can ruin someone else’s walk. Besides, your assessment is irrelevant. Dogs are required to be leashed on Mackworth Island.

Nancy Wanderer

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