Ah, yes, right on cue. Liberals and RINOs lining up to use the Lewiston shooting for their own delusional agenda, to violate the Constitution and keep legal weapons from law-abiding citizens (mainly conservatives). Typical, hypocritical stupidity.

Any third grader with a first grade education can tell you the problem is not guns but bad, evil, sick people. This nonsense will continue as long as self-serving emo leaders continue to coddle the crazy, not enforce laws and evade accountability. It’s easier for them to ban bowling alleys, bars, white cars and boat docks than face reality.

In the next administration, hopefully, the adults will have the courage to do what’s right and mandate institutional help for anyone who reaches a threshold of confirmed criminal, hateful or violent behavior or exhibits “red flags.” Of course for that to happen, the halls of Congress would be half-empty – on both sides of the aisle.

The gun control argument is a crutch used by those who repudiate moral responsibility. This time it should hit home: You don’t cure cancer with a Band-Aid.

Louis Philippe

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