The gun violence massacre in Lewiston is soul-sickening. It’s a horror; Mainers can’t respond to this tragedy with the same indifference that follows other mass shootings in America. According to the Giffords Law Center, Maine ranks 27th in the United States for restrictiveness of its gun laws. Maine does not require waiting periods for weapon purchases, universal background checks or concealed-carry permits. It’s my heartfelt belief that all of this needs to change as soon as humanly possible. What on Earth are we waiting for?

Mainers have a strong work ethic and so here is my challenge to politicians in Augusta.

They must show up and do their job. They should not react to mass murder in our home state with shrugging cynicism, worthless inaction and broken politics; they should work to make Maine safer from gun violence, and they must protect our communities by passing stronger gun laws.

Aaron Bergeron

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