I didn’t vote for a new mayor of Portland; none were qualified as far as I am concerned. I need a mayor who would see to it that our public schools get up to snuff and teach kids to read, write and count as good as any Catholic school does. And a mayor who would take care of the folks who pay property taxes; I have noticed that the folks who make the most noise don’t even pay property taxes.

On a recent visit to Lowe’s, the clerk asked me if I would like them to stir and shake my can of paint. My response was: “No, thank you, I am going home by way of Brighton Avenue and Woodford Street.” If you live in Portland, or ever drove a car there, you’d know that those streets are in desperate of need of attention. They are full of pot holes. If I wore false teeth, they’d be in my lap by the time I got home.

Greg Locke

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