Thanks to Rep. Chellie Pingree for her strong stance on gun legislation, and to Rep. Jared Golden for his courage to change.

A message to other lawmakers: Please help! Have you experienced the grief of loss of a loved one by gun violence? Do you know how deeply your constituents and their children were traumatized?

Have you listened to your constituents? Did you know that the majority demand responsible gun laws? We want lawmakers to reinstate bipartisan assault weapon ban, perform background checks for purchasing guns, close loopholes for online purchases and gun shows, prohibit carrying hidden guns without a permit, and to enact extreme risk laws, among others.

How many more have to die before you act? How many times do we have to go through this? Twice is too many for me.

Of course, mental health providers need resources and personnel. I know too well after the difficulty in finding mental health providers for my son. However, taking weapons off the street is essential for change. There are plenty of other guns for hunters with permits.

When will you protect us by legislating such laws?

Eleanor Wright

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