The recent report from the Maine Climate Council mentioned that Maine is falling short in transitioning to electric vehicles (“Maine Climate Council reports progress in fight against climate change,” Dec. 1). EVs will help reduce emissions, but I’d like to see more from the council on improving public transportation options so people don’t need to drive as much at all.

The executive summary from Maine Won’t Wait includes on page 13 a line in the long-term plan for “clean public transportation options, including buses, school buses, and ferries.” But the progress report doesn’t say much about this. It only mentions some success with the GO Maine program, which promotes rideshare and carpooling options.

I want to know more about the council’s plans for public transit options, especially how they’ll make those options convenient and attractive.

I used to take the bus to work, though now that I work from home, I don’t need to worry about commuting. But as it is, I don’t use the bus for trips downtown anymore because they don’t run frequently enough to be convenient. I can also usually find free two-hour parking, making it cheaper to drive than pay the $4 round-trip bus fare.

I know that increasing public transit and making it more appealing than driving requires substantial change – but so do many of Maine’s other climate goals. I hope the Maine Climate Council is exploring all these options and considering ways to reduce driving altogether, which would also have a significant impact on cutting our emissions.

Erica Bartlett

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