Biddeford firefighter Tim Sevigny will compete to be New England’s Funniest Firefighter in Boston on Friday. Photo courtesy of Tim Sevigny

Biddeford Fire Lieutenant Tim Sevigny will compete in Boston this week for the title of New England’s Funniest Firefighter, and a $5,000 prize, in the regional finals of the America’s Funniest Firefighter competition.

Sevigny, 50, who lives in Westbrook, grew up in Biddeford and has been with his hometown department for 28 years. He’ll compete against five other firefighters, all from Massachusetts. But he’s got a leg up: He’s been doing standup since 2002 and has performed with Maine comedians Bob Marley and George Hamm.

We chatted with Sevigny last week about his sense of humor and the set he has planned, which includes bits about mammograms, vegans and police officers. The show – which is a fundraiser for Firefighters Vs. Cancer, a nonprofit that provides free cancer screenings for firefighters – is at 7 p.m. Friday at Florian Hall, 55 Hallet St., Dorchester. Tickets are $65 to $100. For more information, go to

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

How did you get chosen to perform?

I sent them a video. On YouTube, I have a few comedy videos. They got back to me and said, “We’d love to have you.”


How would you describe your sense of humor?

Dry. Dry. I mean, I’m very funny. I don’t have a serious bone in my body, but when I’m on stage, I’m very serious. This is what people will tell you if they go out with me, they’re not sure how to take me. That’s what I like. I like keeping people on edge.

Can you tell us one of your jokes?

I grew up in Biddeford in a large, French family. Like French people do, when we get together, we (complain) about the people that showed up, we (complain) about the people who don’t show up. That’s what we do, we (complain) about everybody.

Are you nervous?

Oh, yeah. Every show that I’ve done, before you walk out there and get your first laugh, I’m just terrified. (Since this is a firefighter crowd), my open line when I walk out is, you know there are no fire chiefs here right now because they’d be parked at the front door.

Do you have a dream venue or audience you’d like to perform for?

It’s one of those things, if it happens, it happens. Everyone has that dream of touring across the country, but that’s exhausting. I’m old. My No. 1 goal in my life is to tie my shoes without holding my breath, so let’s get that first.

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