The Gorham Economic Development Corporation is confirming our support of the Turnpike Connector Project. The TCP will serve as a unique catalyst for Gorham’s future economic vitality. The TCP directly supports the growth and stability of Gorham’s economy by directly connecting surrounding communities, providing much needed infrastructure improvements for existing business to support commerce in every sense, encourages new business to come to Gorham, and is fully funded and maintained by toll revenue. No taxpayer dollars will be expended to construct or maintain the connector. The TCP will create new jobs during the construction phase and encourage additional future job creation well beyond the opening date.

By connecting communities, existing establishments will see an increase in patrons, new businesses will emerge and an increase in hiring will follow, resulting in strong economic gains for Gorham and other connected communities. Over time, by increasing the number of businesses in Gorham, the TCP has the potential to diversify and stabilize the tax base, easing the tax burden on our residents. While we realize there may be concerns about the TCP and the path it may take, many years of studies have shown that we must have a solution to reduce traffic congestion in the Village and efficiently move the flow of traffic from the surrounding areas to provide for the support, expansion and retention of businesses in Gorham. Economically speaking, the TCP will position Gorham to continue its vibrant path forward as a town that is community focused and business friendly.

Mark Curtis
Chair of Gorham Economic Development Corporation

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