In response to the opinion presented by a in a recent letter, (“Taking more from high earners is theft,” May 23), nobody is proposing to steal higher earners’ income. Those of us not lucky, fortunate or born into wealth to earn more than $168,000 per year pay 6.2% on all of our income to support Social Security.

Individuals stop paying this tax after they reach that threshold. This is not “theft.” It’s asking them to pay their fair share. What is proposed is for them to pay the same percentage on all their income as we do. That should be the price to live and prosper in the greatest democracy (for now) on Earth. Are the wealthy in this country willing to condemn present and future generations of the elderly to poverty and a return to institutions like the poor house? I hope not, for there – but for the grace of God – go I.

Randy Wakefield

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