For those who are dismayed by the choices available in the coming presidential election, I would suggest there is only one reasonable choice: Joe Biden. Yes, he is old, and for some, too much of a centrist, not progressive enough. For others, he is too liberal.

But what are the alternatives? Donald Trump? It should be clear to everyone by now that this man is not suitable in character or temperament. His legal and financial problems alone are too much of a distraction for him to be able to do the job of president in any responsible way. He wants to get back into the Oval Office for purely self-serving reasons, which include avoiding consequences for past transgressions.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.? Really? Not a serious option in these dangerous times.

We must remember that the president is not alone in leading the country. Biden has a capable Cabinet and many trusted advisors. If he is reelected, there will be hope and the possibility of reform.

Deborah Hidu

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