We, the SAD 51 School Board, invite you to join us in voting “yes” on the $53.5 million referendum for crucial educational improvements. Our schools are overcrowded, with 530 students in temporary classrooms – a number expected to double in 10 years. Our current infrastructure cannot accommodate this growth.

After voters rejected the 2022 building project in North Yarmouth, we listened to community feedback and developed a new, efficient proposal. By utilizing available land and keeping all schools on one campus, we can leverage shared services, saving over $20 million from the previous plan.

This referendum will enhance our entire educational ecosystem. It includes eliminating 29 temporary classrooms, constructing a preK-1 school, improving traffic flow, upgrading athletic facilities – including a turf field and adding classrooms to MIW. This project benefits our students and is a valuable investment for our entire community. Join us on June 11 and vote “yes” for our schools.

Leanne Candura (North Yarmouth) – chair
Kim Vine (Cumberland) – vice chair
Denny Gallaudet (Cumberland)
Anneke Hohl (Cumberland)
Megan Lichter (Cumberland)
Ann Maksymowicz (Cumberland)
Tom McGuinness (North Yarmouth)
Christina Mitchell (Cumberland)
Timothy Valenti (North Yarmouth)
Tommy Leggat-Barr (North Yarmouth) – senior student rep.
Sofia Duina (Cumberland) – junior student rep.

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