Ah yes, right on cue: True Blue City Council ups their wages, then hits up homeowners to steal their hard-earned wages. This annual ritual tarnishes Westbrook’s reputation, more than the ’80s mill stench. City and school leaders inflict harm on good neighbors, whilst the liberal sheep keep voting in bad leaders who peddle metastasized agendas filled with political rot, hatred, moral confusion, sexual nonsense, racial and family bias, and perverted mandates from unions and the Blaine House. There’s a reason why the Westbrook School Department is consistently ranking among the lowest in the state. Taxpayers are broke and disgusted by out-of-control spending and zero accountability. Now they expect us to pay the 10.8% tax increase? I say no! In fact, taxpayers deserve a refund for the way these leaders have defrauded students, families and working citizens. On June 11, I will be voting “hell no” to Westbrook’s chronic liberalism. It stinks!

Louis Philippe

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