We are incredibly disappointed in Susan Collins’ response to Donald Trump’s conviction. She disparages that conviction, and, by implication, the entire process, by claiming that DA Bragg’s decision to prosecute was politically motivated.

Whatever his motivation, the evidence was abundantly clear and overwhelming that 34 criminal acts were committed by Trump. It was Bragg’s duty to prosecute, and would have been the duty of anyone else in his position.

Sen. Collins seems no better than the other Republicans who are toadying up to Donald Trump. We have thought that she was a fair and reasonable Republican (one of the very few, we might add) but we have been disabused of that hope. She has had our vote for years. No more. She has not only let us down, but she has let the country down. Just one more politician without the guts to stand up to an amoral and dangerous man.

Audrey and Joe Delafield

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