A South Portland woman who stole half a million dollars from her former friend and employer was sentenced Monday to 90 days behind bars.

Theresa York, 59, pleaded guilty to stealing from her former boss. Sofia Aldinio/Staff Photographer

Theresa York, 60, pleaded guilty to theft in Cumberland County Superior Court and admitted stealing at least $500,000 from her friend and Portland dental clinic owner Pamela Anzelc.

Anzelc intended to use the money to pay federal taxes for her business between 2016 and 2021, but she learned that the checks she was signing to pay the clinic’s taxes were actually being deposited into York’s personal account. York also shredded notices from the IRS and forged financial records.

Monday’s sentencing came after a judge in August scrapped a plea deal prosecutors reached with York because it didn’t include jail time. After the 2023 hearing, Anzelc agreed with Superior Court Justice Nancy Mills that sending York to jail would “send a message” that theft is wrong.

Anzelc said in a phone interview Monday afternoon that she went to the beach to clear her mind after the sentencing.

“It was emotional,” she said. “I think I just need a good cry tonight.”


Anzelc said she respects the judge and the district attorney, but she wishes York had to serve more jail time.

“The perpetrator of these crimes pretended to be my friend and confidante, that makes the crime worse,” Anzelc said. “I spent more time dealing with these crimes than (York) will spend behind bars.”

Luke Rioux, York’s attorney, said Monday afternoon that he was “glad to see the case resolved by agreement.”

According to court documents, York has until Jan. 2, 2025, to report to jail.

The two have known each other for more than 30 years.

“She’d come in with a smile and pretend she was there as my right-hand person,” Anzelc said in an interview last year. “And all the time, she was robbing me blind.”


In April 2021, Anzelc was on vacation with her grandsons when she saw that the IRS had frozen all of her bank accounts, telling her she owed more than $465,000 in federal taxes. She worried about payroll for her nine employees at the time. She said she had to take out a half-million-dollar loan to pay her taxes.

Pamela Anzelc at her camp in North Waterboro in August 2023. Theresa York, a former friend and employee, stole at least half a million dollars from Anzelc’s dental clinic. Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer

The last time she heard from York was a text message signed with a “kissy-face,” Anzelc said last year.

“At dinner. Sorry. This is just crazy! I’m freaking out as well,” Anzelc said York texted. “I will go online and look closely when I can.”

York and Anzelc had already agreed in August 2021 under a civil settlement that York would repay the dentist $475,000 in $2,000 monthly installments. Under the conditions of her probation, York also will have to complete an evaluation and counseling for compulsive gambling and allow the probation officer to access all of her financial accounts.

If she violates the terms of her probation, York will have to serve a full six-year sentence in prison.

Anzelc said she still wishes York would have been ordered to pay the legal fees she incurred while dealing with the IRS.

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