Historian Heather Cox Richardson recently penned an article about D-Day and Biden’s remembrance of the Normandy assault that turned the tide in World War II.

Her words: The story of the veterans “has always been the story of America,” Biden said. “Just walk the rows of this cemetery. … Nearly 10,000 heroes buried side by side, officers and enlisted, immigrants and native-born. Different races, different faiths, but all Americans. All served with honor when America and the world needed them most.”

Those words are in contrast to the man who refused to go to the gravesite of WWII veterans because it was raining. The five deferments given to our convicted felon former president “excused” him from serving, but not from desecrating the dead and wounded veterans. John McCain and the service members who risked their lives saving downed veterans are “losers.”

Susan Collins is a hypocrite. She purportedly supports the military but defends a convicted felon whose aversion to rain prevented him from honoring those fallen heroes in Normandy.

Heather Cox Richardson, quoting Biden, added: “Freedom is worth it. Democracy is worth it. America is worth it. The world is worth it – then, now, and always.” This contrasted with the man whose BFF is Putin and who admires dictators. He proudly claimed in Helsinki that Russian intelligence was superior to American intelligence.

I have been to Normandy and seen the cemeteries and German pill boxes. It is very humbling. Biden’s words could not have been more poignant, now and always.

David Hyde

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