Jim Britt would start a perfect day with a cup of coffee from Coffee By Design and end it with a glass of wine from Maine and Loire. Photo courtesy of Jim Britt

Jim Britt of Cape Elizabeth is the director of communications for the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. His purview includes the Maine State Parks, so perhaps it’s no wonder that he would go to work on his perfect day, especially at this time of year. This submission was edited for length.

Driving his 1974 MGB is “an unpredictable thrill,” Britt said. Photo courtesy of Jim Britt

My perfect day begins with the sound of my rusty yet stylish 1974 MGB roaring to life – an unpredictable thrill. From there, I drive to Coffee By Design on Diamond Street for a cup of their medium or dark roast, ideally the Rebel Blend.

With my coffee in hand, I cruise with the top down, the sun and breeze on my face, heading to Kettle Cove (in Cape Elizabeth) to sit by the ocean and reflect on the day ahead. Kettle Cove, alongside Bradbury Mountain (in Pownal), is my favorite Maine State Park and offers a moment of relaxation and meditation.

After this peaceful start, I head to my desk. I work with dedicated professionals – park managers, foresters and forest rangers, entomologists, horticulturists and veterinarians. My perfect day often includes listening to and addressing the concerns of residents who reach out to the “communications guy,” which is especially perfect when solving problems.

A perfect day also involves a cherished conversation with my 90-year-old mom in Cincinnati. Each call is precious, and she continues to teach me invaluable lessons, like finding joy in others’ happiness – a feeling that’s hard to replicate and crucial to my perfect day. This joy extends to conversations with my son and daughter, who are embarking on their careers, as well as interactions with strangers.

My perfect day includes a workout at NXGen Fitness Center in Scarborough, where I’m greeted by Milani and his infectious smile.


Britt joined the South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Rotary Club after his father died, and he loves organizing events such as SpringFest, pictured here. Photo courtesy of Jim Britt

As a South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Rotary Club member, a perfect day can include stocking shelves at a local food pantry, organizing community events like SpringFest, or weeding gardens around Bug Light. Working alongside fellow Rotarians, we laugh, chat and accomplish meaningful projects for our neighbors, creating a sense of friendship and shared purpose. The look on kids’ faces at SpringFest is priceless, and the satisfaction of a well-stocked pantry or beautiful garden is invigorating and makes for a perfect day.

My perfect day ends with dinner at home, prepared by the love of my life. We have just been eating so much fish in the past couple of years because the fish at SoPo Seafood is so good and perfectly priced, too. I treasure these meals, accompanied by music on my DemerBox, ranging from The Grateful Dead and Dave Matthews to The Cure and New Order.

I unwind with a glass of red wine from my favorite wine shop, Maine & Loire, and enjoy a wonderful meal with Gillian. I should also mention that Maine & Loire’s owners, Peter and Orenda Hale, have similar infectious smiles and deliver the warmest hospitality known to Maine.

As my perfect day concludes, I reflect on the blend of work, community service and the good fortune of calling Maine home. This reflection reminds me that perfection lies in where and who I am.

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