In a June 18 letter, commenting on John Henderson’s excellent June 13 op-ed, Chris Queally suggests that Mr. Henderson’s last sentence be amended to read, “Donald Trump does not respect the rule of law that made America great.” Chris Queally has it right.

Let us all remember what makes us a truly great nation: respect for the laws created by our democratic process. It makes entrepreneurs want to invest and do business in America. They know that contracts and the laws are enforced, and corruption punished.

Our difficulty managing the southern border is caused by desperate souls seeking better lives. They know that America is a land of opportunity where civil liberties are preserved. Dictators, the kinds of leader Mr. Trump desires to emulate, don’t have to cope with masses of people wishing to become their subjects.

In America, we have one of the world’s highest standards of living and the strongest military. Our economy is the envy of the world. We have the highest per-capita energy production and are net exporters of oil. We have world-class scientists, engineers and artists who make us proud.

Donald Trump hasn’t a clue what makes America great, never mind how to make it greater. Every day, he expresses his contempt for America, its cities and its people. He is the opposite of a patriot. The question to ask in deciding who gets our vote for president is this: Which candidate loves America more? There can be no doubt about the answer.

Michael Bacon

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