A Lone Wolf Media crew works at a house in Falmouth where they filmed part of season four of the series “Wild Crime.” Contributed / Lone Wolf Media

The fourth season of the docuseries “Wild Crime,” which wrapped up shooting last week, was filmed in part at a house in Falmouth on Maccabe Road off Middle Road.

“Wild Crime” is a docuseries from Lone Wolf Media, a South Portland-based production company. The series follows investigators as they try to solve brutal crimes in remote locations around the United States. The show is aired on Hulu.

This upcoming season will focus on Israel Keyes of Alaska, who the FBI believes killed 11 people across the United States between 2001 and 2012. He took his own life in prison after he was arrested and incarcerated in 2012.

Every season of “Wild Crime” is partially filmed in the location where the story took place, but the reenactments are shot in Maine using local Maine actors, according to Lisa Wolfinger, the director and owner of Lone Wolf Media.

“We get clever trying to make locations look like other locations,” she said.

The house in Falmouth, which is an Airbnb, was used as the set for the reenactment of the kidnapping of Bill and Lorraine Currier, a Vermont couple Keyes killed in 2011.

Falmouth police also participated in the production. “We needed a shot of a cop cruiser, we contacted local Falmouth Police and they were gracious enough to send someone out in a cruiser for us,” Wolfinger said.

The company also shot at the York County Jail, the South Portland Police Station and in Freeport.

The fourth season is scheduled to air this coming October or November. 

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