Thornton Academy in Saco is planning to build a new field house.

Thornton Academy in Saco is planning to build a new field house. Contributed / Thornton Academy

The Saco Planning Board gave conditional approval to Thornton Academy’s proposal for construction of a new field house on the TA campus at its meeting last week.

The affirmative vote gives the go ahead for construction of a 48,851-square-foot facility that will host physical education classes, sporting events, and school assemblies, while also providing a place for the school’s Wellness Department to grow its programming.

The school’s population has more than doubled since the opening of its current facility, Linnell Gymnasium, in 1963.

“We’re pleased that after a thorough review of our proposal that the Planning Board gave us the green light to move forward with construction of a new field house,” said Thornton Academy Headmaster Rene Menard. “We’ve long outgrown Linnell Gym and a new field house allows us to better meet the needs of our students by expanding important programs.”

Construction is expected to begin later this summer.

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