Q: How many delegates is Maine sending to the Democratic National Convention?

A: Maine is sending 32 delegates, plus two alternates, to the convention taking place from Aug. 19-24 in Chicago.

Q: Where do they come from?

A: Nine come from the 1st Congressional District, and seven are from the 2nd Congressional District. Three delegates are party leaders, and five are at large.

Q: How are they chosen?

A: All of the national delegates are elected by state Democratic delegates. The national delegates from each congressional district are elected online by state delegates within that region in the run-up to the state convention. The three party leaders, five at-large delegates and two alternates are elected at the state convention.

Q: Are Maine’s delegates bound to any candidate?

A: Yes, all but eight of Maine’s delegates are pledged to President Biden, who won Maine’s Democratic presidential primary. They would be expected to cast their votes for Biden – unless he decides to leave the race and release his delegates.

The other eight are considered superdelegates, who are elected Democrats or party leaders. They are not bound to any specific candidate and may vote for whomever they wish.

However, superdelegates do not cast ballots in the first round of voting, which means they only will play a role if the other delegates are divided about whom to support.


Q: Who are Maine’s superdelegates?

A: Gov. Janet Mills; U.S. Reps. Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden; Democratic National Committee members Rachel Talbot Ross and B.J. McCollister; Maine Democratic Party Chairwoman Bev Uhlenhake and Vice Chairman Julian Rogers; and former Gov. Ken Curtis.

Q: When will Democrats formally nominate a presidential candidate?

A: Nominations are usually made at the national convention, but DNC officials have said they plan to hold a virtual roll call before then to officially nominate Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, so they can appear on the Ohio general election ballot. The DNC has not announced a date for the virtual roll call, but Ohio’s deadline for the fall ballot is Aug. 7.

Q: How many delegates does Biden need to win the nomination?

A: Biden needs at least 1,968 delegates to be the Democratic nominee. He currently has 3,894 pledged delegates based on the primary results, according to The Associated Press.

Q: What else happens at the national convention?

A: In addition to nominating a presidential ticket, delegates adopt a platform that expresses the party’s values, philosophy and policy goals. Delegates will also hear a slew of speeches from elected Democrats, party leaders and activists.

Q: How much does it cost, and who pays?

A: Delegates are expected to pay their own expenses, which are estimated to be about $3,000 for travel, lodging, food and incidentals. Delegates are allowed to raise money specifically to attend the convention.

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