Following this first presidential debate, the Democrats truly are in a bind. Biden has shown the public that he clearly is no longer capable of being the leader of the free world. It’s not his fault … we all age. But Jill Biden, with a doctorate in education, and those in Biden’s inner circle can no longer deny his cognitive decline. Shame on them.

At this juncture, most vice presidents could step up to the plate. But Joe Biden chose a vice president not for her competence or for merit. Like so many of Biden’s appointees, I believe Harris was chosen for her gender and race. Competence was not the first priority.

It is doubtful that Biden can continue to handle the challenges and responsibilities as the United States commander in chief. So the Democrats have a dilemma. Kamala Harris is not viewed as a vice president who is either accomplished or effective. Her poll numbers are equally as low or lower than the president’s. The panic among Democrats is palpable. But if not Harris, then who?

Donald Trump will soon make an announcement as to his running mate. Let’s hope he chooses wisely and for the right reasons.

Pamela Brant

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