Erin French, chef-owner of the renowned Freedom restaurant The Lost Kitchen, is starring in a new travelogue food series airing on Magnolia Network and streaming services.

The show, “Getting Lost with Erin French,” is an eight-episode series that features French and her husband, Michael Dutton, visiting locations around the country to see how chefs put their local ingredients to work.

“We shot between January and April, and we opened up the restaurant in May, so it kind of all dovetailed nicely together,” Dutton said, noting that he and French traveled to eight states for the series: Arizona, California, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, Oregon and Texas. Dutton explained that French’s journey on the show is about connecting with chefs who take a similar approach to her own and becoming inspired by their work.

Erin French of the Lost Kitchen in Freedom. Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer

“Erin is steadfast in the way she sources ingredients – everything is locally sourced,” Dutton said. “The show is Erin going on a quest to find like-minded people doing similar things with locally sourced food in their respective communities, which are informed by their environments. It’s all about food inspiration, so she can bring that new energy back to what she does here at The Lost Kitchen.”

Dutton said the series’ first episode, shot in New Orleans and featuring Melissa Martin, chef-owner of Mosquito Supper Club, is a prime example of the connections French made on the show.

“Melissa built Mosquito Supper Club from scratch the same way Erin did (with The Lost Kitchen),” he said. “She came from a similar background. Erin is generations-deep in Maine, and Melissa is generations-deep down in the bayou. She sources from that environment. The approach is like-minded, but the end result is different because she’s using ingredients from what’s around her in Louisiana.”

Three episodes in the series have already aired. The next five installments air Sundays at 2 p.m. on Magnolia Network and are available to stream the same day on Max and discovery+.

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