A Walgreens official disputed reports Monday from media outlets that have listed store closings that are expected in Maine.

Contacted about the reported closings, Megan Boyd, senior manager for media relations and issues management for Walgreens, wrote in an email that a story posted by television station WMTW, Channel 8, contained erroneous information about Walgreens’ plans for its Maine stores.

“Approximately 25% of Walgreens stores are not contributing to our long-term strategy,” Boyd wrote in her email. “We’re finalizing an optimization program that we expect will include closing a significant portion of these locations over the next three years. We are also taking a series of actions and making investments to enhance the customer and patient experience.

“While we cannot announce any specific closures right now, when we make the decision to close a store, we have processes in place to ease the transition for the communities affected.”

The television station said Walgreens is preparing to close up to 25% of its 8,600 stores in the United States by 2027. The report listed five locations in Maine that are to close, with WMTW, which is owned by Hearst Television, citing information published by Good Housekeeping, published by Hearst Magazines.

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