One of the primary goals of the writers of the Constitution, led by Jefferson, was to preclude the possibility of a king. This is demonstrated in the Federalist Papers and elsewhere. The president was a citizen like any other, with certain, limited authority, but subject to the same laws as any other citizen. King George III must be laughing in his crypt, given the outrageous decision by the Supreme Court regarding presidential immunity.

The so-called originalists are making up a new constitution to fit their own, or their paymasters’, desires, without regard to precedent, intent or potential outcome. It will rank with the Dred Scott decision in infamy.

I am not sure whether the court’s egregious decisions (I am including the Chevron case at this point) are a result of corruption, incompetence, hypocrisy or a combination of the three, but I do know that those who would destroy our democracy are rejoicing in their newly granted road to riches and power.

Donald Rudalevige
Cape Elizabeth

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