There is no shame in stepping aside in the quest for a second term as president of the United States. It’s time for Joe Biden to pass the torch to a younger generation. I am a Democrat. I am Joe Biden’s age. Both of us were born in 1942. We have lived through momentous times: born during one war, living through several more; a polio epidemic; assassinations; civil unrest. We will both turn 82 this fall. Time to reflect.

Neither of us will probably have another 20 years to step upon this mortal stage. Those younger will inherit the world we have provided. It is more their world now than ours anyway. We need not lead the charge or fall into the hubris of age saying, “I know better than you having weathered the storms.” Many of those storms, anyway, are partially part of our generation’s making.

I wish President Biden would release his delegates for the upcoming Democratic convention. This would open a path for others to speak up and serve. I wish also that Democrats would be disciplined enough to not squabble over an open convention but instead engage now in a vigorous and respectful debate before the convention convenes in order to secure the person best able to challenge Donald Trump.

This is a time for largeness of spirit, a time for President Biden to pass his counsel and experience to the next generation.

Nicole d’Entremont
Peaks Island

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