Elizabeth May Campbell

LONG ISLAND – Elizabeth May Campbell, better known as Betty, 73, passed away on June 24, 2024 peacefully at Maine Medical Center with her daughter, Amy and son-in-law, Will by her side.

Betty was born on Nov. 22, 1950, to Robert and Vera Campbell in Malden, Mass. Betty was an only child but grew up close to her cousins. She graduated from Malden High School in 1968 and then worked professionally in and around the Boston area before moving to Maine.

Her Aunt Emily bought a summer cottage on Long Island in 1954 and Betty began spending as much time as she could on the island. Betty’s own mother passed away when she was only 12 and her Aunt Emily, who had no children, treated Betty as her own. She and her cousins spent many summers on the island and were known as ‘the Boston Girls’. Betty was the one with a license and a car so she was always the ring leader getting everyone to Maine. In 1978, Betty bought the cottage from her Aunt Emily and moved to Maine full-time. It was in that year that she met and fell in love with Skee, a fisherman from the waterfront, and they quickly settled in together. They had one son born in 1980 who only lived a few days followed by a daughter, Amy, who was born in 1982. The three moved to the summer cottage in 1984 and never left.

In the ‘80s Betty could be found tending bar or waitressing at the Spar Restaurant, where she was also the bookkeeper. Betty was the first Treasurer for the Town of Long Island in 1993 and spent over 20 years working on the island as an electrical drafting assistant.

Betty was ever present and always available to all things related to her daughter Amy as she grew up.

Betty passed the house on to Amy in 2008. Amy and Will quickly built a comfortable in-law apartment for Betty and Skee ensuring they would both be close and well cared for as they aged on Long Island as they both wished.

Betty and Skee were blessed with three grandchildren, Elizabeth, William and Emmalee. The three were constantly back and forth between their own home and their grandparents’, sharing meals, achievements, holidays, birthdays, celebrations. and even cats. They loved both of their grandparents dearly and know how fortunate they are to have grown up with them living next door. Betty was extremely proud of her family and it showed in the love she gave.

Betty could often be spotted on her daily drives around Long Island especially as she sat on Fowlers Beach taking in the natural beauty and enjoying watching people enjoy one of her favorite places.

Betty was predeceased by her parents Robert and Vera; her son Robert; and love of her life, Skee Dennison. She is profoundly missed and survived by her daughter and son-in-law Amy and Will Tierney; and her three grandchildren, Elizabeth, William and Emmalee Tierney.

There will be an informal gathering and chance to say goodbye on August 2 at Fowlers Beach at 5:00 p.m. Rain date of August 3.

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