LEFT: HALLOWELL, ME – NOVEMBER 6: Rena Heath, 78, who has lived Hallowell for more than 40 years, says the town has many educated and young people who vote Democratic. Until 15 years ago, Heath said, she was an active member of Maine Republican State Committee. She switched to the Democratic Party leading up to the 2010 election “because I didn’t like the way (Republican) party was headed. They just weren’t the party I used to work for and give money to,” she said while volunteering as a receptionist at the Spectrum Generations Cohen Center, Thurs. November 6, 2014. “They used to be the Party that supported women. Now they’re farthest behind. It’s sad.” The town of Hallowell stands out as having the highest percentage of voters in the state who selected Democrat Mike Michaud in the Nov. 4 election. Michaud lost to incumbent Republican Paul LePage. (Photo by Amelia Kunhardt/Staff Photographer)
RIGHT: GREENE, ME – NOVEMBER 6: Jean Mower stands at the cash register at Mower’s Market in Greene, Maine, a town that voted heavily for Paul LePage in the gubernatorial election this week on Thursday, November 6, 2014. Mower volunteered at the polling center this election, and said she saw a high turnout of voters in Greene. “I started voting the minute I turned 18. Last year I changed from Democrat to Republican, I didn’t like the way everything was going,” Mower said. (Photo by Whitney Hayward/Staff Photographer)