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Brunswick High School

Top Seniors

Brittany Cost is the daughter of Matthew Cost and Jennifer Gray and ranked seventh in the class of 2011. Academics and community service have been the hallmarks of Brittany’s high school career with passionate interests in the arts, Spanish culture, poetry and fashion.
Brittany has received many academic awards to include the English Department Award for two consecutive years; Phi Beta Kappa and Brown Book awards and the Spanish Department award to name several. She was recently chosen one of the Topsham-Brunswick Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizens for Brunswick High School. A passion for travel/cultures, Brittany has a love for the Humanities but is open other potential fields of post-secondary study. Among the clubs Brittany has been a member of include Contemplators Anonymous; The Finer Things Club and Yearbook editor.
Volunteer work at the Maine Audubon Society, her church group and the Art Van have rounded out her time. Brittany plans on pursuing a gap year program that involves travel to either Peru or Argentina with work in orphanages teaching either English or Spanish. Her post-secondary destination is as of yet undecided.

Amelia Keyes is the daughter of Ralph Keyes and Colleen McKenna. In the fall Amelia will be attending Columbia University in New York City; at this point in time she has not declared a major.
Amelia has been inducted into the National Honor Society as well as the French and Tri-M Music Honor Societies. She has been involved in a variety of activities both in and outside of school. Amelia is co-president of the Key Club, a member of the cross country team, Outing Club and chorus and has been active in student government and a section editor for the yearbook.
Outside of school, Amelia has served as a volunteer usher with the Maine State Music Theater, a figure skating instructor for younger skaters, involved with the Girl Scouts and Teen to Trails and also held down a part-time job. During the spring semester of her junior year, Amelia participated in CITY Term, an academic program for high school juniors. During that time Amelia lived and studied in New York City. During her free time Amelia enjoys reading, hiking and backpacking, skating and other outdoor activities.

Torri McClintick is the daughter of Jolene and Mark McClintick. Ranking 8th in her class, Torri plans to attend Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, and her dream is to someday teach in a third world country. While Torri excels academically, she has immersed herself in a variety of activities beyond the classroom.
She is a member of the “Not For Sale Club”, a network of students fighting to end the global slave trade through education and advocacy. She is also an active member of her church and has been involved in their extensive theater program. She has taught Sunday school since 2006, preparing weekly lessons as well as arts and crafts for children ages 3-13. Torri also had the opportunity to participate in a mission trip to the Dominican Republic where she worked with children and provided interpreter assistance to health care professionals in the medical clinics.
Torri’s commitment to her community extends far beyond her church, however. She has logged many volunteer hours at Mercy Hospital as well as providing Meals on Wheels to the elderly and shut-ins through People Plus. A young woman with wonderful energy, a clear sense of self, great drive, self-discipline and determination, Torri will continue to give much to those around her whether in the classroom or in any activity she pursues.

Nate McCue is the youngest child of Robert and Barbara McCue of Brunswick ME. A Commended Student in the National Merit Scholarship, Nate ranks 3rd in his class. Teachers state he is one of the most astute, determined yet good-natured students (recipient of the Davis Award) of the senior class. He plans on majoring in Mathematics and Economics next year and has yet to decide on which college or university in New England.
Nate is captain of the Math team and has competed on a national level with the American Regions Mathematic League (ARML). Additionally he is a member of the Spanish and National Honor Society and has been school treasurer all four years. Nate is captain of the golf team as well as the indoor and outdoor track teams. He volunteers his time to tutor students before and after school as well as with his church and The United Way of Mid-Coast Maine. Nate is to be commended for his sincerity and depth of his commitments.

Morgan Moore is the only child of Erika and Marshall Moore of Brunswick. This fall she plans on attending Carleton College in Northfield Minnesota to major in History. Morgan has gained respect from faculty and students alike, not only for her exceptional academic and musical talents but also for her warm and humble personality (a recipient of the Davis Award in 2008).
Morgan was one of 5 students at Brunswick to be a Commended National Merit finalist this past year. She has been the recipient of the Yale Book award and the English department award during her sophomore year. She is also a member of the National Honor Society as well as the Spanish Honor Society and the Tri-Music Honor Society. Her teachers state she is an omnivorous reader who is continually adding to class discussions with her remarkable insights about the material. A gifted musician, Morgan plays the flute with Portland Youth Wind Ensemble as well as various honors festivals. She sings with the treble choir and is actively involved with a local theatrical program. Other interests include field hockey and participating in her church youth group.

Alison Pease is a Commended student in the National Merit Scholarship program and a highly intelligent and gifted student ranking 4th in her class. She is the youngest child of David and Julie Pease of Brunswick. Alison is a Global Scholar at American University. She is the recipient of the George Eastman Leadership Award and is a member of the Latin and Spanish Honor Society.
Alison is not afraid to take on new things and goes after what she wants. For 2 semesters of her freshman and sophomore year, Alison and her family lived in New Zealand where both her parents worked. No matter where she lives Alison immerses herself in the community volunteering in a myriad of activities such as in the Girl Scouts, Teens to Trails, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Key Club. Of all the activities however she enjoys playing the Oboe the most. She is a viable member of BHS Wind Ensemble and the Coastal Youth Orchestra. Alison is truly a leader by example and an industrious worker in all that she undertakes.

Forrest (Kip) Sawyer is the salutatorian for the Brunswick High School’s graduating class of 2011. He is the son of Dino Sawyer and Nancy Belanger. Although Kip is a bit quiet and reserved, he is a young man of incredible depth and passion. He has decided to pursue his love of science by studying cellular biology and anatomy at The University of Toronto. Although he is undecided about a career, he does have an interest in medicine.
Kip’s scholastic achievements have been recognized by his membership in the National Honor Society and French Honors Society. He was also the recipient of the Cornell Book Award, the RIT computing award and the high school’s French award. Kip was a Presidential Scholar nominee and a National Merit finalist. He is on the yearbook staff and he has volunteered numerous hours at the Maine State Music Theater. Kip is known for his keen sense of humor and he enjoys the theater, the circus and traveling.

Haley Shaw is the valedictorian of the Brunswick High School’s class of 2011. She is the daughter of Randy and Carla Shaw of Brunswick. Haley’s quiet leadership style is evident in the classroom and in a myriad of activities from her position of co-president of the National Honor Society, to co-captain of the math team to co-captain of the field hockey team. She was elected to the Spanish Honor Society and to the student government.
Haley has been recognized by a number of awards which include the Saint Michael’s Book Award, the Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award and the Met Life Student-Athlete of the month. In addition, she was named to the Maine Field Hockey Association’s All Academic Team. Haley has been an active member of the Girl Scouts and she has earned both the Silver and Gold awards. She surpassed the community service requirement with her work at the Curtis Memorial Library and now has a part time position with them. Haley has done some traveling and looks forward to doing more. She will attend Dartmouth College next fall.

Paul Sullivan is the son of Susan and Kevin Sullivan of Brunswick. His strong academic and service to community records contributed to his early acceptance to Bowdoin College which he plans to attend this fall. Although he enjoys history and environmental science, he is undecided about a major. Paul is a member of the National Honor Society. He is a musician who has played cello since he was young and he is an avid outdoorsman who has been a mainstay of the high school’s outing club. This past fall,
Paul worked at the Cathance River Ecology Center doing independent research. He is a Boy Scout and looks forward to earning his Eagle Scout Award early this summer. Paul has hiked extensively in the Northeast and hopes some day to hike the Appalachian Trail.

Jennifer Wenzler is the daughter of Roseann Wenzler of Durham. She is considering Middlebury, Dickinson, or Colby College for next fall and she plans to major in social anthropology. Jen is a dynamic, busy young woman who is a member of both the national Honor Society and the Latin Honor Society. Her talents have led to her being a National Merit Finalist and a recipient of both the Colgate Book Award and the Rochester Institute of Technology Award.
Jen balances working two jobs with her participation in the environmental, book and Key clubs as well as the varsity softball team. Jen has served as an assistant basketball coach to the youth in Durham and she often referees games. Her interests include reading, sports, the environment and travel.


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Evan Matthew Beaulieu
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Emily Rosemond Bellevue*
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Jeffrey Dillon Chase*
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Ashley Anne Clark*
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Sophia Adalaide Concolino*
Patrick A. T. Connelly*
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Siri Kennison Cope*
Brittany S. Cost**
Audrey Louise Cross*
David Michael Dannatt
Derrick Scott DaRosa
Andrew Thomas Davis*
Kyle Phillip Davis
Nicholas Charles Dennison*
Matthew M. Deschesne*
Burleigh Travis Desjardins
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Bryan Dodge
Shane Brian Dorval*
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Zachary Tyler Duffy
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Samantha Jean Finch
Evan Robert Fitzgerald*
Thomas James Fitzpatrick
Paige Noel Flaherty*
Drue Ford
Kyle Patrick Franklin*
Tiffany J. Fraser
Sara Petrea Freshley*
Nathaniel Adam Fritts**
Charles Allen Frye
Benjamin Mark Gagnon*
Scott Gary*
Beau F. Gaughran*
Emily Lauren Gauthier*
Austin Marie Gay**
Eli Robert Gerardi*
Sarah Nicole Gibson
Lindsey Morgan Gillis**
Evon Goldmann
Skylar Goldwaite
Alexander L. Gordon*
Colin McDonald Grant*
Haylee Autumn Graves*
Samantha Dawn Grinnan*
Jeremiah Peter Gross*
Rachel Elspeth Gross**
David Lee Hamel
Danielle Alexandra Harper
Celia Marie Harris
Rebecca Lynn Hassett*
Mathew Ryan Hatke
Kathy Ann Elizabeth Haycock
Kevin Michael Wally Haycock
Rosamond Gretter Hayden*
Susannah Taylor Higginbotham*
Erika Hilton
Christa L. Holland*
Jesse M. Holland**
Katherine Rose Hood*
Patrick Sean Horan
Evan Robert Howard*
Megan Michelle Hubert*
Kelsie Lynn Jenquine**
Kyia Melissa Jensen*
Samuel Johnson*
Asia Mai Jones*
Matthew Kasabian*
Liam J. Kavin*
Erika Katharina Kayser
Lauren Smith Kennedy*
Erin Frances Kenyon*
Shannon Elizabeth Kenyon*
Amelia Trafton Keyes**
Natalie Cecile King*
Taylor Lynn Koenig*
Eleanore Starr Kohorn*
Chad Patrick Kousky*
Taylor Nichole Kramley
Amanda LaCasse-LaFlamme*
Kendra Irene Lajoie*
Ashli Anne Laroche
Matthew Thomas Lathan
Scott Anthony Lathan
Alexandria C. Lavergne*
Kalyn Danielle LeBlanc*
Edwin Lawrence Lee*
Zachary Jon Leeman
Alyssa Donna Leger*
Michael Colin Legere*
Meagan M. Lewis
Morgan Elizabeth Libby*
Katherine Teresa Liscovitz*
Dylan Brooks Daltry Lisio
Shane Ryan Lizotte*
Adrian Martin Lopez
Charles A. Lord Jr.
John Everett Lord II
Olivia Marie Luque
Thomas Walter Lynch Jr.
Meredith MacEachern*
Evan Walsh Mahoney*
Elliot Malis*
Emma Mae Marks*
Makeighlee Jane Marstaller*
Heidi Coe Martinson*
Margaret Fay Mathy*
Torri Michelle McClintick**
Hilary Janet McConnell*
Nathan R. McCue**
Meghan C. McDonough**
Danielle H. J. McDougal*
Keegan J. McGowan**
Zakkary Randall McKinney
Seth McPherson
Nathan Parker Mefford
Erica Kathryn Mendes*
Dana Clinton Merrill**
Felicia Marie Messier
Marie Laura Jeanne Michaud
George Gordon Mills**
Chloe Candence Monsen*
Allen Frederick Moore
Morgan Elizabeth Moore**
Michael P. Moroney
Elizabeth Anne Muller*
Corbet Jackson Peter Munro
Theodore Murphy
Benjamin Colby Nadell**
Amanda Elizabeth Nobles*
Katherine Anne Nulle*
Margaret Joan Oliver*
Victoria Allyn Oliver**
Krissinda Ellen Palmer*
Anna M. Palopoli**
Alison Marie Pease**
Mitchell C. Perry*
Maria Angelina Petrulli*
Miranda Leigh Poag*
Jan Alexander Portsmann
Kyle James Prindall*
Kayla Mae Purinton**
Emily Jean Queally*
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George Edward Rall
Casey Lee Ridlon*
Jacklynn Morgan Reynolds
Emily Anne Riley*
Kelsie-Mae Christina Rioux*
Meredith Baldwin Rivard
Olivia Florence Robbins**
Maxwell Tyler Roberts*
Seikah Rayr T. Roberts*
Frank A. Rolfe*
Kartika Sari Romano*
Emily Elizabeth Roy*
Jasmine Lily-Francis Saputra*
Colby Shanna Savastano
Jillian Mary Savoy*
Forrest Kip Sawyer**
Haley Grant Shaw**
Michael Carlson Slovenski**
Kathleen Erin Smith
Samantha Kaley Smith
Teague Patrick Smith*
Alysha Marie Spaulding
Johanna Alice Stanley*
Lori Ann Stewart
Paul Makens Sullivan**
Alexander D. Tait*
Andrew Thomas Tarleton*
Cameron Robbin Toy*
Chelsea Jade Tremblay
Evan Silas Turmenne*
Isaac James Turner*
Tabitha Caroline Waite*
Allison Michelle Walton**
James Donald Waring
Abigail Jane Washington**
Thomas Walker Cobb Watson*
Kyle Stevens Webb*
Farren Erica Welzel*
Jennifer Marie Wenzler**
Alexander James West
Zachery Brenner White
Maison Wilke
Amber L. Williams*
Michael Edward Wilson*
Ryan Carl Wilson*
Tyler James Winkler
Andrew Gerald Wyman
Alesa Mary Yuodsnukis**
Joseph Clark Zinni*

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