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Catherine McAuley High School
631 Stevens Ave., Portland |

Graduation day: June 3, 2012
at Merrill Auditorium

Graduation information provided by the high school

    Top Ten and Honor Graduates

    Valedictorian Kathryn Elizabeth Liziewski is the daughter of Daniel and Sarah Liziewski of Gray. During her time at McAuley, Liziewski served as Student Council President and was a member of the National Honor Society, as well as the Mock Trial and Varsity Basketball Teams. She was the recipient of both the Harvard Book Award and the Frederick Douglass/Susan B. Anthony Award. In the fall, Liziewski will study Biomedical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

    Salutatorian Wendy Ho Doan is the daughter of Ha Doan and Dung Ho of Portland. While at McAuley, Doan participated in Indoor Track, served as Class Vice-President, and was a member of the National Honor Society. Doan, who received the College of the Holy Cross Book Award, the George Eastman Young Leaders Award, and the President's Volunteer Service Award, will study Biology at Boston College.

    Taxiarhia J. Arabatzis is the daughter of Fr. Basil and Paula Arabatzis of Saco. During her time at McAuley, Arabatzis was a member of the school's Cross Country (Captain), Indoor Track and Lacrosse Teams, as well as the National Honor Society and Student Council. She was also the recipient of the Dartmouth Book Award and a participant in the Ethical Leadership Institute. Arabatzis will study Biomedical Engineering at Boston University.

    Dakota Rose Murray is the daughter of Darryl and Debra Murray of Gray. While at McAuley, Murray served as Social Action Club President, Key Club Vice-President, and Robotics Team Captain. In addition to receiving the Smith College Book Award and the Portland Rotary Club Service Award, Murray was a member of the National Honor Society. She will study Engineering at Smith College in the fall.

    Dannielle Lynn Allen is the daughter of Christopher Allen of Jacksonville, Florida and Elizabeth Allen of Harpswell. During her four years at McAuley, Allen was active with Field Hockey, playing on the SMAA All-Star Second Team and receiving the SMAA Citizen Award. In addition, Allen was a member of the National Honor Society, Latin Club, and served as Student Council Secretary. She will study Biochemistry at Roanoke College.

    Rebecca Ann Kaiser is the daughter of Chris and Mary Ann Kaiser of Biddeford. At McAuley, Kaiser was a member of the school's National Honor Society, Key Club, and served as Captain of both the Cross Country and Cheerleading Teams. In addition, Kaiser was the recipient of the William's College Book Award. She will continue her education in the fall, studying Biology at the University of Maine Orono.

    Kathryn A. O'Donoghue is the daughter of Patrick O'Donoghue of Freeport and Stacey O'Donoghue of Falmouth. During her four years at McAuley, O'Donoghue was a member of the Ambassadors Club, and participated in Soccer, Lacrosse, and Swimming (Captain). She was also honored with the 2011 UMaine "Women in Engineering" Award and the SMAA Athletic Summit Award. In the fall, O'Donoghue will study Engineering at Villanova.

    Kira Faith Pilger is the daughter of Mike and Tara Turcotte of Wells. As a McAuley student, Pilger was a member of the Book Club, Drama Club (Crew Chief), Robotics Team, and the National Honor Society. She also served as a volunteer with the Maine Children's Cancer Program. Pilger will continue her studies at the University of Southern Maine in the fall.

    Christina Lynn Murray is the daughter of Timothy and Carol Murray of Portland. While at McAuley, Murray was a member of the National Honor Society and Vice-President of both the Drama and Social Action Clubs. In addition, she was the winner of "The Telling Room" writing contest and a finalist in the Merriconeag poetry festival. Murray will attend Smith College in the fall.

    Sadie Scout DiPierro is the daughter of Charles and Colleen DiPierro of South Portland. As a McAuley student, DiPierro was an active Varsity Club and National Honor Society member, and served as Captain of both the Basketball and Lacrosse Teams. In addition, she was honored with the SMAA Good Citizen Athlete Award and named a member of the SMAA Honorable Mention Lacrosse Team. DiPierro will study Pharmacy at the University of New England.

    Honor Awards
    Academic Excellence Plaque awarded to

    Dannielle L. Allen
    Taxiarhia J. Arabatzis
    Sadie S. DiPierro
    Wendy H. Doan
    Rebecca A. Kaiser
    Kathryn E. Liziewski
    Christina L. Murray
    Dakota R. Murray
    Kathryn A. O'Donoghue
    Kira F. Pilger

    Jessica Herrick, M. Cote, M. Herrick Memorial Scholarship: Taxiarhia Arabatzis
    Abraham and Fannie Levey Scholarship: Abbie M. Corbeau
    McAuley Parents' Club Scholarship: Kathryn E. Liziewski
    Kelley Marie Smith - Catherine McAuley High School 1983 - Memorial Scholarship: Mary M. Leasure
    Unity Lodge #3 Scholarship: Morgan E. Wheeler
    The Janice M. Hutchinson Award: Sadie S. DiPierro
    MELMAC Richard W. Tyler: Abigail K. Nee
    Mary J. O'Toole Memorial Scholarship: Sarah E. White
    Jane C. Wellehan Creative Leadership Scholarship: Monia C. Mukiza

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2012 Graduates

*+ Dannielle Lynn Allen
*+ Taxiarhia J. Arabatzis
Liberty Thapalad Atienza
Abigail Bruni
Shelby Bryant
*+ Abbie Marie Corbeau
+ Alexa Claire Coulombe
+ Olivia Jean Crozier
*+ Alden Margaret Devine
*+ Sadie Scout DiPierro
*+ Wendy Ho Doan
Emily Catherine Dragos
*+ Katherine Elizabeth Dubois
Allison Ray Freeman
*+ Anna Marthe Gervais
Gabrielle Anna Gochie
Caroline Faith Golden
*+ Rebecca Ann Kaiser
Jaime LaCasse
*+ Cristina Lourdes Leake
Mary Margaret Leasure
Chloe B. Leida
*+ Kathryn Elizabeth Liziewski
*+ Clare Elizabeth McLaughlin
+ Lulama Orpah Moyo Hawkes
Monia Chantal Mukiza
*+ Christina Lynn Murray
*+ Dakota Rose Murray
*+ Abigail Kay Nee
Arianna Vera Nickerson
Kathryn A. O'Donoghue
Viola Atto Ogak
Suhyun Oh
*+ Kira Faith Pilger
*+ Katherine Marie Poulin
Taylor Leigh Powell
Victoria Kaitlin Richardson
Caroline Schroeder
* Jaemin Shin
Catherine Davies Snow
+ Marielle Amani Thete
*+ Nicole Catherine Traugh
+ Morgan E. Wheeler
Sarah Elizabeth White
Yi Yang

* Honors
+ National Honor Society
^ French Honor Society