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Freeport High School
30 Holbrook St., Freeport |

Graduation day: June 10, 2012
at Freeport High School

Graduation information provided by the high school

    Summa cum Laude Graduates

    Gabriel Currier
    Parents: Laura Kargul and David Currier. Gabriel was a member of the Math Team. Activities included Ultimate Frisbee Team (Captain) and Piano. Awards: National Merit Commended Scholar. Gabriel will be attending Pomona College.

    Sarah Henle Pier
    Parents: Stephanie Paine and John Pier. Sarah was a member of Model United Nations, Mock Trial (Captain), Freeport Drama, Ultimate Frisbee, and National Honor Society. Activities included: Student Government (Vice President), Alpine Skiing, Westcustago Youth Chorale, and Musical Theater Director at Freeport Middle School. Awards: National Merit Finalist, Phi Beta Kappa, Dartmouth Book Award, Honors in Math, English, Global Studies, Third Place-Rotary Speech Competition. Sarah will be attending Williams College.

    Joshua Richard Weirich
    Parents: Jane and Richard Weirich. Josh was a member of the Math Team (9, 10, 11, 12), Seeds of Independence Mentor (11, 12), Freshman Mentor (11, 12), and National Honor Society (11,12). Activities included: Varsity Soccer (9, 10, 11, 12), Varsity Basketball (9, 10, 11, 12), and Varsity Baseball (9, 10, 11, 12). Awards: WMC Citizenship Award (12), National Honesty Award (12), Varsity Baseball Coaches Award (10), Varsity Basketball Sportsmanship Award (11), and Varsity Basketball Outstanding Player Award. Josh will be attending Johns Hopkins University.

    Charles Dakota Baker
    Parents: Randall Baker. Charlie was President of Student Council and a member of Academic World Quest. Activities included: Outdoor Track and Cross Country. Awards: 10th and 11th Grade Math Award, Governor's Young Writer of the Year 2011, and the Yale Book Award. Charlie will be attending Yale University.

    Samuel Bennett
    Parents: Kate Bergquist and Wayne Bennett. Samuel was a member of the National Honor Society and Gay-Straight Alliance. Activities included: The Clarion, School Musical One-Act Plays and Gay-Straight Alliance. Awards: High Honors all four quarters, Highest Achievement Award in Latin I, II, III, American Spirit Award-American Studies, Excellence in American Studies English 11 Award, Middlebury College Book Award, Highest Achievement Award in English 9, and President's Volunteer Service Award - 2011 and 2012. Samuel will be attending the University of Maine at Farmington.

    Jennifer Robin Breau
    Parents: Amy and Dave Breau. Jenny was a member of the National Honor Society, Class President, and a FHS Mentor. Activities included: Field Hockey and Clarinet. Awards: Varsity Field Hockey Pride and Character Award (12), Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award (12), Bates Book Award (11), Solomon H. Plummer Citizenship Award (11), American Spirit Citizenship Award (11), American Studies Humanitarian Award (11), Gilbert Jenkins Social Studies Award (11) and Excellence in English Award (10). Jenny will be attending Colby College.

    Christopher Alan Collins
    Parents: Susan and Malcolm Collins. Chris was a member of Seacoast United Soccer Club, Portland Youth Wind Ensemble, Portland Youth Symphony Orchestra, band, jazz band, chamber choir and men's ensemble. Activities included: Soccer, Trumpet, Piano, Singing, Alpine Skiing, and Nordic Skiing. Awards: 2nd Place Skimeister. Chris will be attending Eckerd College.

    Caitlin Amberlee Keniston
    Parents: Brenda and Dan Keniston. Caitlin was a member of the National Honor Society, Model UN, Math Team, and Interact Club. Activities included: Concert Band, Honors Wind Ensemble, Fall School Musical (pit band member), One Act Competition, Seeds of Independence Mentor, Freshman Mentor, and Hostess and Banquet Server at the Harraseeket Inn. Caitlin will be attending Gordon College.

    Jared Robert Knighton
    Parents: Nicky and Brian Knighton. Activities included Varsity Baseball (catcher), and Varsity Football. Awards: Eagle Scout Award, Football Cambell All-Conference Honorable Mention. Jared will be attending Brigham Young University.

    Abigail Marie Latulippe
    Parents: Janice and David Latulippe. Abby was a member of the Drama Club and National Honor Society. Activities included: FHS Drama - technical crew for the FHS musical "Guys and Dolls"; Assistant to HS Student Director of a Middle School Play (2 years); FHS Alpine Race Team, 3 years-selected for State Championship Team; FHS Soccer Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation Alpine Race Team-Qualified for Nationals Adaptive Race in 2012. Awards: Pride and Character Award 2010 Alpine Team, Athletic Excellence Award 2011 Alpine Team, Pride and Character Award 2009 JV Soccer, Athletic Excellence Award 2011 JV Soccer, JV Soccer Scholar Athlete Award 2010 - High Honors, Athletic and Academic Excellence Award-Maine Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association. Abby will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology.

    Angus Moore Macdonald
    Parents: Elizabeth Moore and Arnold Macdonald. Angus was a member of the National Honor Society (President), Student Council (Treasurer), and RSVP. Activities included: FHS Musical-Guys and Dolls, FHS Student Written One Act Play-Carnival of Curiosity, and FHS Jazz Band. Awards: Maine One Act Festival Regional Champions, with a special commendation for student writing and directing on the Regional and State level. The cast also collectively won the Ensemble Award on the Regional Level. Angus will be attending Wesleyan University.

    Abigail Warner Mahoney
    Parents: Cindy and Scott Mahoney. Abby was President of FHS Earth Club, member of National Honor Society, FHS Mentoring program, Youth Advocacy Program, and Interact Club. Activities included: Field Hockey Captain, chosen for Western Maine All-Conference First Team; Nordic Ski Team, Captain; Outdoor Track; FHS Chamber Choir and Women's Ensemble; member of Musica de Filia choir in Portland; and Model UN. Awards: Art History Award, Colby Book Award, National Merit Scholarship regional commended student. Abby will be attending Bowdoin College.

    Hallie M. Ojala-Barrett
    Parents: Emily Ojala and Peter Barrett. Hallie was a member of the Interact Club, Earth Club, and the National Honor Society. Activities included: Math Team, Model United Nations, Nordic Skiing, Concert Band, and Coast Youth Orchestra. Awards: Academic Achievement in Honors Algebra I (09), Creative Writing Award ('10) and Latin Award ('11)

    Laura Ramage
    Parents: Laura and Ray Ramage. Laura was a member of Seeds of Independence and the Freshman Mentor Program. Activities included: Chorus, Softball, Nordic Skiing, Photography, and Studio Art. Awards: MVP Award for Softball-3 years in a row, Character Award for Nordic Skiing, 1st and 3rd place in the Maine State Photography Show (2011-2012), and National Honor Society. Laura will be attending Susquehanna University.

    Claire Wininger Stenzel
    Parents: Kathleen Wininger and Jeffrey Stenzel. Claire was a member of the Student Tech Team, Science Olympiad, and the National Honor Society. Activities included: Model United Nations, Mock Trail, 4 years of volunteering at Mid Coast Hospital in Brunswick, 9 years of horseback riding, shadowing an anesthesiologist and podiatrist-saw/assisted in two hysterectomies, a torn ligament repair, two cesarean sections, and a partial amputation. Awards: Bausch and Lomb Science Award from the University of Rochester, Computing Medal Award from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Wellesley College Book Award, 3rd place award in Epidemiology for Science Olympiad, Model United Nations, Citizenship Award, Honorable Mention in UN Development Program, and notice in Model UN Newspaper. Claire will be attending the University of Rochester.

    Brandon Williams
    Parents: Bonnie and Daniel Williams. Brandon was a member of Gay-Straight Alliance (12), Interact Club, (12), Reduce Sexism and Violence Program (11, 12,) and Language Club (11). Activities included: Musical (Guys and Dolls, 12), One Act (Carnival of Curiosity) 12, Chorus (12), Southern Maine Children's Chorus (9), National Federation of Music Clubs, Festival Audition, piano solo (9), Private Piano Lessons (9, 10, 11, 12), Concert Band (9, 10, 11, 12), Wescustago Youth Chorale (10, 11, 12) Student Board Member (11, 12), Reduce Sexism and Violence Program Retreat (12), and Rippleffect-Youth Leadership Summit (12). Awards: National Federation of Music Clubs, Festival Audition, piano solo - Gold Cup Award (9). Brandon will be attending Wheaton College.


    Freeport Rotary Club Scholarships:
    *Freeport Rotary Club-Stephan Leighton Memorial Scholarship, $2000: Jack Baker
    *Freeport Rotary Club-Joan Benoit Samuelson Scholarship, $2000:: Rebecca Lane
    *Freeport Rotary Club-Academic Scholarship, $2000:: Mia Thomas
    Lisbon Credit Union, $1000: Taylor Saucier
    Freeport Woman's Club, $1000: each Yu Zou & Chelsey Small
    Harraseeket Grange #9, $300: Brittany Moon
    Thomas Means Club, $500 each: Katherine Ramirez & David Vitali
    Max Thomas Ski Scholarship, $500 each: Mia Thomas & Emily Martin
    Alice Pollock Memorial Scholarship, $200: Chelsey Small
    FAME Educators for Maine Program Award, $3000/year: Jennifer Breau
    Arthur Albert Smith Award, $222 each: Philip Badger, Charles Baker, Jack Baker, Joseph Baker, Samuel Bennett, Spencer Bernier, Ryan Bertrand, Alex Campbell, Cole Cassidy, Storme Charette, Robert Civiletti, Christopher Collins, Gabriel Currier, Samuel Curtis, William Jackson Dawe, Taylor Day, Thomas Dodge, Matthew Eastman, Calab Emerson-Mains, Jacob Enns- West, Kaleb Farmer, Johnny Fok, W. Logan Freeman, Evan Goodwin, Zachary Greene, Charles Hayes, Evan Hench, Zachary Kilton, Jared Knighton, James Kuntz, Patrick LaFlamme, Luke LaMagna, William Larkins, Nathan Leonard, Darren Lieu, Mitch Loeman, Angus Macdonald, Dylan Mansfield, Tyler Merrill, Donald Mooney, Christian O’Connell, Owen Petherbridge, Taylor Saucier, Joshua Soley, Alexander Strout, Alexander Sturtevant, Nicholas Sweet, David Vitali, Taylor Ward, Joshua Weirich, Benjamin Whitmore, Brandon Williams, Sawyer Williams, & Taylor Wood
    John “Jake” Strattard Memorial Scholarship, $400: Katherine Ramirez
    Maine Water Company Scholarship, $500: Jessica Hench
    Campbell Conference Football Scholarship, $250: Morgan Kuntz
    Wolf Neck Club Scholarship, $300 each: Anne Wood & Taylor Wood
    Maine State Chamber Scholarship, $1500: Jack Baker
    Police Athletic League Scholarship, $1000: Joshua Weirich
    Alpha One Powering Education Scholarship, $2000 each: Abigail Latulippe & Anna Brown
    Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs, $500: Brittany Moon
    Susan P. Grover Memorial Scholarship, $200: Brittany Moon
    Richard P. Allen Memorial, $500: Anna Brown
    PTSO Scholarship, $500: Cecelia Fisher
    Elks Club Scholarships: Anne Wood ($300), Hallie Ojala-Barrett ($200)
    Rochester Institute of Technology NTID Presidential Scholarship, $2500/year and NTID Merit Scholarship, $1000/year: Abigail Latulippe

    South Freeport Congregational Church, UCC, Scholarship, $1000 each: Bethany Watts & Jack Baker
    Megan L. Beane Memorial Scholarship, $500 each: Anna Brown
    American Legion Post #83 J. Arthur Stowell, $500: Andrea Grant
    Bath Savings Institution Scholarship, $1000: Jennifer Breau
    Christine Small Cushing Scholarship, $400 each: Danielle Perry, Sarah Pier, Nichole Pollock, Laura Ramage, Abigail Roney, Eleanor Soule, Claire Stenzel, Katherine Turner, Arianna Zdanuk, Emily Smith

    Freeport Student Services Scholarship: Samuel Bennett ($115), Katherine Ramirez & Abigail Latulippe ($50 each)
    Early College for ME Scholarship, $500/semester: Christian O’Connell, Joseph Baker, & Spencer Bernier
    L.Carl Bean Scholarship: McKensy Brown ($1700), Anna Brown, Jack Baker, Mitch Loeman, Andrea Grant, Brandon Williams, Kayla Thurlow, Morgan Kuntz, & Katherine Ramirez ($1100 each)
    Bruce Brown Scholarship, $250 each: McKensy Brown & Anna Brown
    Bryce Muir Memorial Arts Scholarship, $400 each: Nichole Ray, Courtney Kearns, Ashley White, Allyson McCarthy, & Whitney Megquier
    Casco Chapter Order #160, O.E.S., $300: Brandy Williams
    Mari Baker Scholarship, $135: Samuel Bennett
    Eastland Shoe Manufacturing Scholarship, $500 each: Kayla Thurlow & Alexandra Mitch
    Freeport Community Players Scholarship, $300: Jack Baker
    Freeport Country Club: Bethany Watts & Brandon Williams ($750 each), Jack Baker & Kayla Thurlow ($500 each)
    Freeport High School Incentive Grant: Caleb Merrill ($100), Ellen Doughty, Brenna DeMerchant, Caitlin Keniston, Abigail Mahoney, Hallie Ojala-Barrett, & Mallerie Chomyn ($400 each)
    Freeport Lioness-Lions Club Scholarships: Brittany Moon, Katherine Ramirez & Andrea Grant ($500 each), Anna Brown & Cecelia Fisher ($250 each)
    FHS Alumni Reunion Committee Scholarship, $250: Alexander Strout
    Freeport Middle School Garden Scholarship, $200 each: Katherine Ramirez & Abigail Latulippe
    Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship, $6000: Jacob Enns-West
    Freeport Sports Boosters Scholarships: Joshua Weirich & Jessica Hench ($200 each), Jared Knighton, Taylor Saucier, Mia Thomas & Alexandra Mitch ($50 each)
    MELMAC Education Foundation- Maine Principal’s Scholarship, $1500: Sadie Russell

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2012 Graduates

Jessica Abbott
Jeremiah Allen
Dylan Arris
Philip Badger
Charles Baker
Jack Baker
Joseph Baker
Samuel Bennett
Spencer Bernier
Ryan Bertrand
Jennifer Breau
Anna Brown
McKensy Brown
Morgan Brown
Michael Burtt
Alexander Campbell
Cole Cassidy
Storm Charette
Mallerie Chomyn
Robert Civiletti
Skyla Cochran
Christopher Collins
Scott Collins
Gabriel Currier
Samuel Curtis
William Dawe
Taylor Day
Brenna DeMerchant
Salena DeWitt
Thomas Dodge
Ellen Doughty
Eastman, Matthew
Calab Emerson-Mains
Jacob Enns-West Chris Farley
Kaleb Farmer
Cecelia Fisher
Johnny Fok
William Freeman
Evan Goodwin
Andrea Grant
Zachary Greene
Nicholas Harriman
Charles Hayes
Evan Hench
Jessica Hench
Adam Higgins
Kevin Hoey
Reid Ivers
Courtney Kearns
Alexander Keith
Caitlin Keniston
Zachary Kilton
Jared Knighton
James Kuntz
Patrick LaFlamme
Luke LaMagna
Rebecca Lane
William Larkins
Abigail Latulippe
Nathan Leonard
Darren Lieu
Mitch Loeman
Angus Macdonald
Abigail Mahoney
Dylan Mansfield
Sean Martens
Emily Martin
Allyson McCarthy
Whitney Megquier
Caleb Merrill
Tyler Merrill
Alexandra Mitch
Brittany Moon
Donald Mooney
Christian O'Connell
Hallie Ojala-Barrett
Danielle Perry
Owen Petherbridge
Sarah Pier
Nicole Pollock
Laura Ramage
Katherine Ramirez
Nichole Ray
Alix Rogers
Abigail Roney
Jose Rosquete
Sadie Russell
Desiree Sanborn
Taylor Saucier
Chelsey Small
Emily Smith
Nathan Smith
Joshua Soley
Eleanor Soule
Claire Stenzel
Alexander Strout
Alexander Sturtevant
Nicholas Sweet
Mia Thomas
Kayla Thurlow
Katherine Turner
David Vitali
Taylor Ward
Bethany Watts
Joshua Weirich
Asley White
Benjamin Whitmore
Jonathan Wilkins
Brandon Williams
Brandy Williams
Sawyer Williams
Anne Wood
Taylor Wood
Arianna Zdanuk
Yu Zou

Exchange Students Receiving Certificates:

Kaia Johansen
Julius Kruse
Anna Scheffler
Jacqueline Bischoff
Jannik Greiff
Mara Stechno