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2012 High School Sports Video Collection

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Added March 4, 2012

Central vs HD Class C Girls' Recap

Added March 3, 2012

Deering crowned Class A champion

Rockin' with the Hampden Academy band

Analyzing Deering's Championship

Recap of McAuley's win

McAuley takes Class A title

Class D State Championship Recap

Class B Recap Yarmouth Wins Gold Ball

Coach Cassidy Post Game Interview

Added February 26, 2012

Yarmouth takes Western Class A title

Deering celebrates

Hall-Dale Girls Win Class C West

Coach Tommy Maines reflects

Celebrating with McAuley

Added February 25, 2012

Gardiner vs MDI Recap with Travis Lazarczyk

Gardiner vs MDI Player Interviews

Gardiner Coach Jason Cassidy

Sydney Hancock lifts Lake Region

Added February 24, 2012

Boys Western A Preview

Cony Beats Edward Little for Regional Crown Recap by Matt DiFilippo

Chanting with the Scots

Mia Diplock Postgame

EL vs Cony Coach Karen Magnusson Postgame

Deering takes down Cheverus

Gardiner Coach Cassidy

Falmouth rallies past York

Added February 23, 2012

Preparing with the York fans

Hall-Dale Beats Traip

Wendy Goldman Hall-Dale Bulldogs

Lake Region beats Leavitt

Coach Brandon Terrill Hall-Dale Bulldogs

Martha Veroneau Sets Scoring Record

Coach Karen Magnusson Cony

McAuley's Alexa Coulombe

Richmond Coach Bishop

Girls Western Class A Championship preview

Richmond Wins in Semifinal Action

Scarborough bests Marshwood

Nokomis Moves to Regional Final

Added February 22, 2012

Marissa Shaw Nokomis Warriors

Coach Kori Dionne Nokomis Warriors

Gardiner beats Medomak Valley recap

Jake Palmer Gardiner Tigers

Matt Hall Gardiner Tigers

Added February 21, 2012

Richmond Girls Win in Quarterfinals at ACC

Chris Sementelli Maine General Sports Medicine

Carylanne Wolfington Hits 1,001 Points

Danica Hurley Richmond Bobcats

Coach Jim Patrick Hall-Dale Bulldogs

Added February 20,2012

Hall-Dale's win over Madison

Sam Shepherd Hall-Dale Bulldogs

South Portland bests Portland

Scarborough v Cheverus

On the sideline with Coach Marston

Brandon Terrill Hall-Dale Coach

Gardiner Tiger Jake Palmer Interview

Matt DiFilippo Previews Gardiner vs PI

Jenna Moore Gardiner Tigers

Coach Mike Gray Gardiner Tigers

Bangor Defeats Lawrence

Poland Fans Make Noise

South Portland bests Portland

Maine State Arm Wrestling Championships

Paige Pilsbury Interview Gardiner Tigers

York v Leavitt

Gardiner Beats MDI Girls' Basketball

Gardiner Coach Cassidy

Coach Cowan Skowhegan Indians