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Maine's high grocery bill

Federal data show that Mainers spend significantly more on groceries than the rest of the nation.

The typical Mainer spends $3,736 every year on groceries and beverages – far more than the national average of $2,780. Only the residents of Vermont and Alaska spend more on food and beverages on a per-capita basis, according to data compiled by the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Maine's high grocery spending means that Mainers have less to spend on other goods and services. On average, per-capita grocery spending takes up 9.08% of all personal consumption spending in Maine, compared to 7.79% in New Hampshire and 7.47% nationwide.

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  • Per-capita grocery expenditures
  • Total per-capita expenditures (all goods and services)
  • % of expenditures dedicated to groceries
SOURCE: Bureau of Economic Analysis, per capita personal consumption expenditures by state in the "food and beverages purchased for off-premises consumption" category.
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