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See how beer ABVs stack up

The beer industry in Maine is booming, and at the heart of the renaissance are craft brewers who are constantly pushing the limits of what beer can be. But lurking in the pages of the state laws is a 1937 provision that bans the display of a beer's alcohol content, putting consumers in the dark about concoctions that can pack a big punch. Depending on a beer's style and process, alcohol content can vary wildly, from the paltry 4.5 percent pilsners, to tastes that tower above 10, 11, or 12 percent alcohol content by volume. Take a look at some of the craft brews on offer around Portland, and see how they stack up.
Banded Horn, Imperial Stout [12.0%]
Amstel Light [3.5%]
Guinness Stout [4.2%]
Michelob Light [4.3%]
Victory, Hop Ticket [4.5%]
Banded Horn, Pepperell Pilsner [4.6%]
Sam Adams Boston Lager [4.8%]
Allagash White, Budweiser [5.0%]
Heineken [5.4%]
Rogue, Brutal IPA [5.8%]
Bissell Brothers, The Substance Ale [6.6%]
Shed, Mountain Ale [7.4%]
In'finiti Tripel [8.8%]
Stone, Enjoy By 2.14.14 [9.6%]
Marshall Wharf Cant Dog [10.0%]
Marshall Wharf, T2R9 [11.0%]
SOURCE: Staff reports | INTERACTIVE: T.E.D. Andrick