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Maine municipalities without taxable nonprofits

The map below shows, in red, the Maine towns that do not have any properties that would be eligible for new property taxes under Governor Paul LePage's tax reform proposal.

Mouse over the map to see detailed figures for each town.

The governor's tax plan would eliminate municipal revenue sharing but allow towns to levy property taxes on some nonprofit organizations (excluding places of worship and nonprofit properties valued at less than $500,000).

A couple of important caveats: first, this is the best available data from an annual report that towns have to file with Maine Revenue Services, but these assessments may not accurately reflect the actual value of towns' nonprofit properties.

Also, there may be additional towns with no eligible properties, because the Maine Revenue Services report groups nonprofit properties into categories for each town, thus making it impossible to know how many specific properties exceed the $500,000 threshold (a town that lists $600,000 worth of "benevolent and charitable organization" property, for instance, may not gain new revenue if the property value is split equally among two different nonprofits).

Download the source data from Maine Revenue Services.