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Potential at-risk road and bridge projects if $100 million transportation bond is not approved

Maine Department of Transportation officials could be forced to defund some projects from the following list that have been scheduled for completion in 2014 and 2015. If lawmakers and voters fail to approve $100 million in bonds this year, MDOT will need to cut 35 percent from the $132 million set aside for highway rehabilitation and reconstruction and 26 percent from the $115 million in funding pegged for bridge repairs. MDOT rates all roadways by priority, based on the amount of traffic that travels over it, with Priority 1 roads being the most heavily traveled segments.

SOURCE: Maine Department of Transportation
Work TypeCountyTown(s)LengthHighway Capital PriorityRoadEstimated Cost ($)Description
Work TypeCountyTown(s)LengthHighway Capital PriorityRoadEstimated Cost ($)Description
HighwayAndroscogginAuburn, New Gloucester1.00 mile(s)3Route 1221,000,000Highway Rehabilitation: Beginning at the New Gloucester town line and extending northeasterly 1.00 miles to Old Hotel Road.
HighwayAndroscogginLewiston0.59 mile(s)1Main Street1,763,000Highway Reconstruction: Beginning at Memorial Avenue and extending northeasterly 0.59 of a mile Highway to Stetson Road. Project will include drainage improvements and sidewalks.
HighwayAndroscogginLewistonundetermined3Bates Street780,000Intersection Improvements: Located at the intersections of Pine Street, Ash Street, Chestnut Street, Bates Street.
HighwayAndroscogginLewiston1.94 mile(s)3Sabattus Street790,000Intersection Improvement: Improvements of Sabattus Street in Lewiston, starting at Main Street and extending to Pond Road, excluding previous work on Campus Avenue to Old Greene Road.
HighwayAndroscogginLewiston0.38 mile(s)1 #80600,000Safety Improvements: Improvements include Route 196 and Alfred Plourde Parkway.
HighwayAndroscogginLewiston0.48 mile(s)3Route 1262,237,500Highway Reconstruction: Beginning at Laurier Avenue and extending easterly 0.48 of a mile to Old Greene Road.
HighwayAndroscogginPoland, Mechanic Fallsundetermined1Route 26735,000Intersection Improvement: Install traffic signal and relocate Winterbrook Road further north on Route 26.
HighwayAroostookCaribou4.04 mile(s)2Route 1616,050,999Highway Reconstruction: Beginning 0.81 of a mile extending northwesterly 4.04 miles to the easterly abutment of the Aroostook River Bridge. abutment of the Aroostook River Bridge. northerly of the Fort Fairfield town line and
HighwayAroostookFort Kent0.01 mile(s)2Route 15,199,593Construct Approach associated with bridge replacement at the International Bridge (#2398).
HighwayAroostookSmyrna0.20 mile(s)3Route 272,500Highway Rehabilitation and Safety Improvements: Beginning at Mission Street and extending northerly 0.20 of a mile.
HighwayAroostookT14 R6 WELS, T15 R6 WELS6.26 mile(s)3Route 116,945,000Highway Reconstruction (including climbing lane): Beginning 0.93 of a mile southerly of the T15 R06 town line and extending northerly 6.26 miles.
HighwayAroostookVan Buren2.71 mile(s)1Route 1250,000Highway Improvement: Beginning 1.00 mile southerly of Parent Road and extending northerly 2.71 miles.
HighwayCumberlandBridgton, Fryeburg5.19 mile(s)1Route 3027,400,000Highway Reconstruction: Beginning at the Stack Em Inn Road and extending westerly 5.19 miles.
HighwayCumberlandFalmouthundetermined3Longwoods Road1,220,000Intersection Improvement: Located at the intersection of Route 9 and Woods Road.
HighwayCumberlandFreeport3.30 mile(s)3Main Street220,000Spot Rehabilitation: Beginning at Mallet Drive and extending northeasterly 3.30 of a mile to the Brunswick-Freeport town line.
HighwayCumberlandGrayundetermined2Gray Road240,000Intersection Improvement: Located at the intersection of Route 202 and Campbell Shore Road.
HighwayCumberlandNew Gloucesterundetermined3Route 4600,000Intersection Improvements: Located at the intersection of Route 4 and Route 231.
HighwayCumberlandNew Gloucesterundetermined3Route 4575,000Intersection Improvement: Relocate the Bennett Road and Short Bennett Road approaches creating two Tee intersections at least 200 feet apart.
HighwayCumberlandPortland0.06 mile(s)1Interstate 2951,095,200Highway Rehabilitation: Intersection and I-295 ramp improvements at Forest Avenue.
HighwayCumberlandPortlandundetermined1Woodfords Corner1,498,751Safety Improvements: To reconfigure Woodfords Corner, widen sidewalks, add streetscape aesthetics, extend shared lane bikeways and reduce crossing distances for pedestrians.
HighwayCumberlandSouth Portlandundetermined3Broadway50,000Intersection Improvement: Located at the intersection of Broadway Street and Waterman Drive.
HighwayCumberlandStandishundetermined2Route 251,235,000Intersection Improvements: Construct a roundabout.
HighwayCumberlandWestbrookundetermined3Cumberland Street510,000Intersection Improvements: Located at the intersection of Cumberland Street and Warren Avenue.
HighwayCumberlandWestbrook, Windham3.07 mile(s)3River Road4,800,000Highway Reconstruction Phase II: Beginning at the Westbrook town line and extending northerly 3.07 miles to 0.17 miles south of the intersection of Chute & Depot Road.
HighwayFranklinJay1.24 mile(s)1Route 44,860,000Highway Reconstruction: Beginning at Pineau Street and extending northerly on Route 4 for 1.25 miles.
HighwayFranklinWiltonundetermined1Route 21,465,000Intersection Improvements: Located at the intersection of Route 2 and Route 156.
HighwayHancockBar Harbor4.80 mile(s)1Route 314,000,000Highway Reconstruction: Beginning 0.57 of a mile westerly of Sand Point Road and extending easterly 4.80 miles to Route 233.
HighwayKennebecAugusta1.52 mile(s)2Mount Vernon2,001,644Highway Rehabilitation: Beginning at Boothby Street and extending 1.15 miles to Bond Brook Road. Project includes improvements to sidewalks, rock wall and dam.
HighwayKennebecAugustaundetermined1Route 202366,000Intersection Improvements: Located at the intersection of Interstate 95 Exit 109B off-ramp and Western Avenue.
HighwayKennebecAugustaundetermined2Route 27725,000Intersection Improvements: Signal installation and driveway relocation, located at the intersection of Route 27 and Darin Drive. Relocate the cemetery entrance if possible.
HighwayKennebecBelgrade3.03 mile(s)3Route 83,839,999Highway Reconstruction: Beginning 0.05 miles northerly of Route 27 in Belgrade and extending northerly 3.03 miles.
HighwayKennebecSidney, Oakland12.01 mile(s)3Route 232,500,000Highway Rehabilitation: Beginning at Route 27 and extending northeasterly 12.01 miles.
HighwayKennebecWest Gardinerundetermined1Route 91,395,000Intersection Improvements: Construct a roundabout.
HighwayKennebecWinthropundetermined1Route 202595,000Intersection Improvements: Located at the intersection of Route 202 and Main Street.
HighwayKnoxThomaston2.21 mile(s)1Route 15,850,000Highway Reconstruction: Beginning 0.29 of a mile easterly of the Warren town line and extending easterly 2.21 miles.
HighwayOxfordDixfield2.77 mile(s)1Route 26,625,000Highway Reconstruction: Beginning at the Hall Hill Road and extending easterly 2.77 miles to 0.55 of a mile easterly of Canton Point Road.
HighwayOxfordRoxbury, Byron4.97 mile(s)3Route 175,010,000Highway Reconstruction: Beginning 3.61 miles northerly of the Mexico and Roxbury town line and extending northerly 4.97 miles to the Swift River Bridge.
HighwayPenobscotBangorundetermined2Hammond Street282,351Intersection Improvements: Located at the intersection of Ohio Street and Hammond Street.
HighwayPenobscotBangor0.06 mile(s)1Interstate 95700,000Ramp Improvements: Realign the northbound on- ramp at I-95 Exit #184 to increase the length of the acceleration lane.
HighwayPenobscotDexter1.59 mile(s)2Route 75,230,000Highway Reconstruction: Beginning 0.10 of a mile northerly of Mechanic Street and extending northerly 1.59 miles.
HighwayPenobscotHermonundetermined3Route 21,405,000Intersection Improvements: Upgrade traffic signal d at the intersection of Route 2 and the Billings Road.
HighwayPenobscotNewport1.50 mile(s)3Elm Street337,500Highway Rehabilitation: Beginning at School Drive and extending northerly 1.50 miles.
HighwayPenobscotOld Town, Milford0.75 mile(s)3Route 23,507,700Highway Reconstruction: Beginning at Bradley Road and extending northeasterly 0.75 of a mile to 0.29 of a mile northerly of Ferry Road.
HighwayPenobscotOronoundetermined1Stillwater Avenue560,000Safety Improvements: Modify I-95 Exit 193 northbound off-ramp approach to the Stillwater Avenue intersection to provide two right-turn lanes and install a traffic signal at the intersection to coordinate with existing adjacent signalized intersection.
HighwayPenobscotOrringtonundetermined2Snows Corner Road137,235Intersection Improvements: Located at intersection of Route 15 and Snows Corner Road.
HighwayPiscataquisBrownville0.90 mile(s)3Route 11130,000Highway Reconstruction: Beginning 0.21 of a mile southerly of Fisher Avenue and extending northerly 0.90 of a mile.
HighwayPiscataquisParkman, Guilford0.47 mile(s)3Route 150750,000Highway Rehabilitation: Beginning 0.20 of a mile southerly of the Guilford town line and extending northerly 0.47 of a mile.
HighwaySomersetPalmyraundetermined2Route 11195,000Ramp Improvement: Realign the I-95 southbound off-ramp to 90 degrees.
HighwayWaldoSearsport1.85 mile(s)1Route 15,000,000Highway Rehabilitation: Beginning at the Savage Road and extending northeasterly 1.85 miles to Station Avenue.
HighwayWashingtonCodyville Plt0.96 mile(s)3Route 6100,000Highway Rehabilitation and Safety Improvements: Beginning 4.09 of a mile easterly of the Topsfield-Codyville town line and extending easterly 0.96 of a mile.
HighwayWashingtonEast Machias1.80 mile(s)2Route 12,530,000Highway Reconstruction: Beginning at the Pope Memorial Bridge (#2682) over the East Machias River and extending northerly 1.8 miles.
HighwayWashingtonJonesboro, Whitneyville3.04 mile(s)2Route 13,220,000Highway Reconstruction: Beginning 0.32 of a mile northerly of Whitneyville Road and extending northerly 3.04 miles to the Whitneyville/Machias town line.
HighwayWashingtonKossuth Twp, Topsfield0.49 mile(s)3Route 6100,000Highway Rehabilitation and Safety Improvements: Beginning 0.37 of a mile westerly of the Kossuth Township - Topsfield town line and extending easterly 0.49 of a mile.
HighwayYorkArundelundetermined1Alfred Road726,000Intersection Improvements: Located at the intersection of the Alfred Road and Hill Road.
HighwayYorkArundelundetermined1Alfred Road500,000Intersection Improvements: Located at the intersection of Alfred Road and New Road.
HighwayYorkDaytonundetermined3Route 5775,000Intersection Improvement: Relocate the Route 35 north approach to the west along Route 5 at 90 degrees. Realign Hight Road to Route 35.
HighwayYorkEliotundetermined1Route 2361,000,000Intersection Improvements: Located at the intersection of Route 236 and the Depot Road.
HighwayYorkKennebunkundetermined1York Street250,000Intersection Improvement: Located at the Intersection of Route 1 and Route 9A/99.
HighwayYorkKitteryundetermined1Route One Bypass1,045,056Memorial Circle intersection improvements including ramps redesign and possible relocation of the U.S. Route 1 Bypass ramp to Old Post Road,, to alleviate safety issues and traffic accident patterns, including bike/ped. that is ADA Compliant.
HighwayYorkKittery, Eliot2.67 mile(s)1Route 236400,000Safety improvements including potential left-hand turn lanes, traffic signals, and traffic calming measures on Route 236 and other potential locations.
HighwayYorkOgunquit2.25 mile(s)1Route 17,604,159Highway Reconstruction: Beginning at the York town line and extending northerly 2.25 miles.
HighwayYorkOld Orchard Beachundetermined3Saco Avenue585,000Intersection Improvements with Signal: Located at the intersection of Saco Avenue, Emerson Cummings Boulevard and Union Avenue.
HighwayYorkSanford0.28 mile(s)1Main Street145,000Safety Improvements: Installation of a two-way left turn lane. Beginning at Berwick Road and extending northerly 0.28 of a mile.
HighwayYorkWellsundetermined1Sanford Road195,000Intersection Improvement: Located at the intersection of Route 1 and Route 109.
BridgeAndroscogginAuburnundetermined1Route 2023,625,000Bridge Replacement: Oakdale Northbound Bridge (#2625) over Little Androscoggin River. Located 0.13 of a mile northerly of Chasse Street.
BridgeAndroscogginAuburnundetermined1Route 1262,900,000Bridge Superstructure Replacement: Oakdale Southbound Bridge (#5786) over Little Androscoggin River. Located 0.09 of a mile northerly of Chasse Street.
BridgeAndroscogginDurham, Lisbonundetermined3Route 96,800,000Bridge Replacement: Durham Bridge (#3334) Androscoggin River. Located 0.28 of a mile southeasterly of Route 196.
BridgeAndroscogginLewistonundetermined1Route 11665,000Bridge Replacement: Stetson Bridge (#2803) over Stetson Brook. Located 0.05 of a mile northeasterly of Whittum Avenue.
BridgeAroostookHaynesvilleundetermined3Route 2A2,800,000Bridge Replacement: Haynesville Bridge (#5623) over Mattawamkeag River. Located 0.30 of mile northerly of Danforth Road.
BridgeAroostookHerseyundetermined3Route 11450,000Bridge Culvert Replacement: Seams Brook Bridge (#3409) over Seams Brook. Located 2.32 miles northerly of the Mount Chase-Hersey town line.
BridgeAroostookHoultonundetermined3Route 2250,000Bridge Substructure Rehabilitation: Moose Brook Bridge (#2580) over Moose Brook.
BridgeAroostookHoultonundetermined3Route 2250,000Bridge Substructure Rehabilitation: Red Bridge (#2706) over B Stream.
BridgeAroostookMacwahoc Pltundetermined3Route 2A800,000Bridge Rehabilitation: Jordan Mill Bridge (#3097) over the Macwahoc Stream. Located 0.54 of a mile northeast of Route 2.
BridgeCumberlandGrayundetermined5Egypt Road250,000Bridge Culvert Replacement: Egypt Road Bridge (#0249) over the Great Meadow River. Located 0.02 of a mile westerly of Westwood Road.
BridgeCumberlandNew Gloucesterundetermined6Cobbs Bridge Road 500,000Bridge Improvement: Cobbs Bridge (#3137) over the Royal River. Located 1.44 miles northerly of Route 231.
BridgeCumberlandScarboroughundetermined4Route 93,270,000Bridge Replacement: Pine Point Crossing Bridge (#5260) over B&M Railroad. Located 0.28 of a mile easterly of Depot Street.
BridgeCumberlandStandish, Limingtonundetermined2Route 25500,000Bridge Rehabilitation: East Limington Bridge (#2252) over the Saco River.
BridgeCumberlandWestbrookundetermined4Bridge Street4,410,000Bridge Replacement: Bridge Street Bridge (#5661) over the Presumpscot River. Located 0.06 of a mile north of Main Street.
BridgeCumberlandYarmouthundetermined6North Elm Street1,320,000Bridge Superstructure Replacement: North Elm Bridge (#5444) over Royal River. Located 0.30 of a mile northerly of Main Street.
BridgeHancockDeer Isle, Sedgwickundetermined3Route 153,470,000Bridge Substructure Rehabilitation: Deer Isle-Sedwick Bridge (#3257) over Eggemoggin Reach. Located at the Deer Isle - Sedgwick town line.
BridgeHancockOrlandundetermined1Route 11,400,000Bridge Deck Replacement: Narramissic Bridge (#5892) over the Narramissic River. Located 0.04 of a mile easterly of Narramissic Drive.
BridgeKennebecAugustaundetermined2Route 8350,000Bridge Scour Countermeasures: Bond Brook Bridge (#3077) over Bond Brook. Located 0.17 of a mile northerly of Bond Street.
BridgeKennebecFairfield, Bentonundetermined1Interstate 952,250,000Bridge Painting: C.A. Clauson NB Bridge (#6000) over the Kennebec River, located on the Fairfield-Benton town line.
BridgeKennebecLitchfield, West Gardinerundetermined6Dennis Road150,000Bridge Substructure Rehabilitation: Wharf Bridge (#3329) over Cobbossee Stream, located on the Dennis Hill Road near the Litchfield-West Gardiner town line.
BridgeKennebecManchesterundetermined5Pond Road250,000Bridge Substructure Rehabilitation: Outlet Bridge (#5708) over Cobbossee Stream. Located 0.03 of a mile southerly of Collins Road.
BridgeKennebecMonmouthundetermined5Route 135200,000Bridge Culvert Rehabilitation: Mud Mill Bridge (#6305) over Mud Mill Stream. Located at 0.01 of a mile easterly of Berry Road.
BridgeKennebecWatervilleundetermined5Western Avenue405,000Bridge Rehabilitation: Western Avenue Bridge (#3836) over Messalonskee Stream. Located 0.03 of a mile northerly of Cool Street.
BridgeKnoxThomastonundetermined5River Road4,950,000Bridge Improvement: Wadsworth Street Bridge (#2904) over the Saint George River. Located 0.06 mile southerly of Water Street.
BridgeOxfordBethelundetermined1Route 23,500,000Bridge Rehabilitation: Androscoggin River Bridge (#6149) over the Androscoggin River. Located 0.16 of a mile northerly of Riverside Lane.
BridgeOxfordOxfordundetermined6Gore Road800,000Bridge Culvert Replacement: Richfield Bridge (#5639) over Greeley Brook. Located 1.42 miles northerly of Route 121.
BridgeOxfordOxfordundetermined5Route 1214,300,000Bridge Replacement: Covered Bridge (#3738) over the Little Androscoggin River. Located 0.04 of a mile northeasterly of West Poland Road.
BridgePenobscotBangorundetermined2Route 2228,700,140Bridge Replacement: Union Street Bridge (#5797) over Interstate 95. Located 0.04 of a mile southerly of Ohio Street.
BridgePenobscotBangorundetermined1Interstate 3951,600,000Bridge Replacement: Webster Avenue Bridge (#5796) over Webster Avenue, located 0.44 of a mile northerly of the Odlin Road.
BridgePenobscotMilfordundetermined3Route 22,000,000Bridge Replacement: Lower Trestle Bridge (#3535) over R Overflow and Sunkhaze Stream. Located 1.25 miles southerly of French Settlement Road.
BridgePenobscotMilfordundetermined3Route 22,000,000Bridge Replacement: Sunkhaze Bridge (#2825) over Sunkhaze Stream Overflow.
BridgePenobscotPassadumkeagundetermined6Goulds Ridge Road400,000Bridge Rehabilitation: Hathaway Bridge (#3505) over the Passadumkeag River.
BridgePiscataquisBrownvilleundetermined3Route 111,100,000Bridge Culvert Replacement: Whetstone Bridge (#3588) over Whetstone Brook. Located 0.31 of a mile northerly of Buckley's Corner Road.
BridgePiscataquisGuilfordundetermined2Route 61,500,000Bridge Deck Replacement: Memorial Bridge (#2337) over the Piscataquis River..
BridgeSagadahocBathundetermined1Route 15,150,000Bridge Rehabilitation: West Approach Bridge (#3838) over the Maine Eastern Rockland Branch tracks. Located 0.17 of a mile northerly of Middle Road.
BridgeSagadahocWoolwichundeterminedRoute 1500,000Bridge Substructure Replacement: Nequasset Bridge (#5695) over Nequasset Lake Outlet.
BridgeSomersetBenton, Fairfieldundetermined1Interstate 952,250,000Bridge Painting: C.A. Clauson Southbound Bridge (#1456) over the Kennebec River. Located at the Benton-Fairfield town line.
BridgeSomersetBinghamundetermined1Route 2012,500,000Bridge Deck Replacement: Austin Stream Bridge over Austin Stream (#2027).
BridgeSomersetFairfieldundetermined1Western Avenue2,000,000Bridge Deck Replacement: Western Avenue / I-95 Bridge (#5819) over Interstate 95. Located 0.05 of a mile west of Interstate 95 on ramp.
BridgeSomersetFairfieldundetermined1Interstate 951,500,000Bridge Deck Replacement: Interstate 95 Bridge (#5820) over Route 201.
BridgeSomersetMayfield Twpundetermined4Route 16123,000Bridge Culvert Rehabilitation: Located 0.01 of a mile easterly of Route 151
BridgeSomersetSandwich Academy Grant Twpundetermined3Route 15320,000Bridge Culvert Improvement: Located 0.08 of a mile easterly of the Sandwich Academy Grant Township town line.
BridgeWaldoLincolnvilleundetermined5Route 173600,000Bridge Replacement: Meeting House Bridge (#3994) over Meservey Brook. Located 0.13 of a mile northwesterly of Route 52.
BridgeWaldoUnityundetermined3Route 9500,000Bridge Deck Replacement: Unity Bridge (#5228) over Sandy Stream. Located 0.02 northwest of Quaker Hill Road.
BridgeWashingtonAddisonundetermined6Ridge Road1,850,000Bridge Replacement: Dyke Bridge (#3718) over West Branch Pleasant River. Located 1.28 miles southerly of the Columbia Falls town line.
BridgeWashingtonEdmunds Twpundetermined2Route 12,100,000Bridge Replacement: Tide Mill Number Two Bridge (#3171) over Crane Mill Stream. Located 1.57 miles northerly of Tide Mill Road.
BridgeWashingtonMeddybempsundetermined4Route 1911,300,000Bridge Replacement: Meddybemps Bridge (#3736) over Denny's River.
BridgeYorkBiddefordundetermined5Route 208800,000Bridge Replacement: Snake River Bridge (#3910) over Snake River. Located 0.39 of a mile northeasterly of South Lagrange Road.
BridgeYorkBiddeford, Sacoundetermined1Elm Street200,000Bridge Rehabilitation: Elm Street Bridge (#2265) over the Saco River. Located at the Saco-Biddeford town line.
BridgeYorkBiddeford, Sacoundetermined5Pine Street4,300,000Bridge Replacement: Somesville Bridge (#3412) carrying Pine Street and Market Street over Saco River. Located at the Saco-Biddeford town line.
BridgeYorkCornishundetermined5South Hiram Road350,000Bridge Rehabilitation: Warren Bridge (#5088) over Ossipee River. Located 0.62 of a mile northwesterly of Route 5.
BridgeYorkHollisundetermined3Route 4A2,264,000Bridge Replacement: Canal Bridge (#1525) over the Saco River. Located 0.12 of a mile northeasterly of Country Club Road.
BridgeYorkHollis, Buxtonundetermined3Route 4A8,300,000Bridge Replacement: Bar Mills Bridge (#3333) over the Saco River. Located at the Hollis-Buxton town line.
BridgeYorkKennebunk, Wellsundetermined1Route 1800,000Bridge Replacement: Pumping Station Bridge (#2693) over Branch Brook.
BridgeYorkKitteryundetermined2Route 1A (Bypass)3,200,000Bridge Replacement: Kittery Overpass Bridge (#3860) over Route 236. Located 0.08 of a mile northeasterly of the Off-Ramp to Route 236.
BridgeYorkOgunquitundetermined1Route 11,000,000Bridge Replacement: Phillips Bridge (#2663) over Josias River. Located 0.22 of a mile northeasterly of the York/Ogunquit town line.
BridgeYorkOgunquit, Wellsundetermined1Route 11,500,000Bridge Replacement: Donnells Bridge (#2239) over the Ogunquit River. Located at the Wells/Ogunquit town line.
BridgeYorkStandish, Limingtonundetermined4Route 114,200,000Bridge Replacement: Steep Falls Bridge (#3328) over the Saco River. Located at the Limington-Standish town line.